Richard D. James

He is a pioneer and some of the music he makes belongs in its own genre. Aphex Twin and AFX, Polygon Window, Mu-ziq, and Caustic Window, are a few examples of the names he releases under, and each one is like a different kind of music. He began his career with ambient music and now he is like one of the leading "drill n' base" producers. Squarepusher and Autechre sound a lot like what he does. "Windowlicker" is his swan song, but anything off "drukqs" is a great example of his genius.
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26-30, M
1 Response May 28, 2007

Hey there brother... Not trying to be rude, but Mu-ziq is not one of Richards other project names.
Mu-ziq belongs to Mike Paradinas and is one of his more well known personas. Richard and Mike did do an album together however. That album's called Expert Knob Twiddlers. If you like Mike's music, check out his record label, Planet Mu. Rich's record label is called Rephlex Records.