Me Too

I've been an Apple fan for years now. I've had an Apple II, Quadra, Performa, and in my house right now I have an old G3 tower, a red iMac, a PowerBook and a new MacBook. There is another ancient laptop around here somewhere.

OS X really is great. So stable and nice on the eyes. I get frustrated with my PC's at work, because they aren't nearly as user friendly. I wish I could get my store turned over to Macs, but I doubt it will happen.

And for those very few PC programs that I just have to use? Parallels is awesome. Best thing ever.
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2006

Love Apple - Just love thier products - Great post, really can tell you are a MAC at Heart!! Steve Jobs was quite a guy.

I've been a PC user for some years now, but I'm seriously contemplating getting a Macbook soon... any tips?