I Ate So Much I Feel Sick Now, Cuz I Didn't Have Lunch

I got home had a rest for a while

helped mum change the sheets on the bed. 

then got really hungry

so I had dinner which as quick dinner

and mum made an apple crumble with custard.

now I know I should not have done it.

but I didn't have lunch (well just an apple and vegi juice)

so my eyes got the better of me now I feel so ill

but it was nice.
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

aw, your poor huge belly ache :(

I had <br />
breakfast - 1/2 (half) a cup nutria-grain ceral with low fat milk and 2 cups of tea<br />
lunch- 1 apple and vegetable and fruit juice mix<br />
dinner- 1 sausage in soup mix of veg, pasta, potato, peas and carrot<br />
<br />
then dessert was the revenge of the apple crumble and low fat custard. hmmm....!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
but it was so nice just naughty!

i have an eating disorder - well an everything disorder to be more honest.<br />
<br />
I rush eating, I have too hot showers, I have constipation all the time, I brush my teeth too heavy handed, I am always in a hurry to lay down and rest. I always have a headache. that is just a few.