Heavenly Fruit

Apple is the main reason Adam and Eve left heaven.

God said don't eat apple, and they said OK, we go somewhere we can enjoy its juicy sour sweet taste.

That's when they came to earth, they exchanged immortality for apple!

So enjoy.

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@ set the serpent: thanks for the comment

LOL! Koala guy, you have a great sense of humor

LOL. Babymaking. I just got an image of Adam and Eve with a bunch of parts. "Ok, part A attaches to part B... no, that can't be right. Let's look at those instructions again. Is that the right way up?"

@ BCJ: that's a good reason to leave heaven, thanks for the great comment

after eating the fruit, they became aware of their nakedness (ie sexuality/sensuality).<br />
<br />
so they actually gave up immortality/paradise for the wonders of sex and baby-making.

@ starcrunch: I agree, it is my favorite

granny smith; best fruit ever


The Koran actually says it was an apple?

It is said in the Koran, and other books.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say the fruit was an apple...<br />
<br />
Red, I believe God actually wanted them to eat the fruit of immortality...

Wow! thank you redgone, I love your conclusion, what could it be? you are truly amazing, please share your answer when you found it.

Well, I would say it was apples fault, but maybe Eve encouraged Adam a bit!!