Im an African American 19 year old from ny, i love women and i have had my fair share. started withblack, of course, then white, had my fair shair of asian and latino too. but they all didnt satisfy me. there is something about an Arab women that is so mind blowing it makes me speechless. she has the benefits of almost all races combined into one physically. I love arab women. i have them as friends as well and they flirt bac but i can tell they would never do anything seriously. Ive been searching the web y the hell am i soo attracted to them. is it in a previous life i was married to 1 because that would be a fantasy lol. but i read that theyre culture looks down on dark skinned people. which is a shame because if they look in a mirror they aint white either so idk what the crazy guys are talking about. its a forbidden love which is unfair. i am very distinct looking because my parents are mixed. so i wanna know why cant i be in a relationship with an arab woman? is there any arab woman that dont care about the race of a man>? and is freida pinto married lol?

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Lol you're so silly, of course you can be with an Arab woman, I myself am arab and I'm very flattered by your love of my culture. We don't hate or dislike darker skinned people in more modernized areas that's kind of an outdated belief. If you know an Arab woman in the us willing and ready to be with you then I say go for it! Love is an open door.

yes u can say that we look down in black ppl.. and hate the scent of them u got that right and i don think u be ever married to one

i am an egyptian married man , i am 36 yrs old , my wife is about 34 yrs old , we have been married since more than 5 yrs now , we have 2 kids<br />
i have that crazy secret fantasy to watch my wife get ****** by another man , i have tried much many times to get ride off it but i could not.<br />
she is much hot in bed , she is not thin nor fat , more little than medium , her tall about 165 cm or little more , her weight is about 85 kgm<br />
she has big **** , round little fat *** ,<br />
the problem is that she has not got any idea about my fantasy plus she is much reglious muslim and i do not think she will ever agree .<br />
i am really willing serious to watch her get ****** wildly by another man for the frist time in life and last time as well <br />
can u help me ?

You're just like a large number of men the world over, except that in your case things may be more difficult. I would suggest that you go holidaying with your wife somewhere where no Muslim surveillance be usual, and that before the week-long stay you arrange for another male to be ready to **** your woman. As a dutiful Muslim wife she'll have to accept your decision; once everyone's naked she'll quickly accept sex with you and another man. On good way to introduce him is to meet around a pool, and mention to her that he's nice...and that you would like her to have sex with him in your presence. Since this is possibly the only other penis she'll ever experience, she won't say no. And if she really enjoys it a lot, can plan many more holidays for the future! Just don't do it in Muslim countries.

This is very stupid; the last thing you can claim about us is that we look down at dark people!<br />
You want to see clear color racism look at the US, we have the Sudanese people who are black and they are never ever treated differently in any way, in fact, “and I’m not joking” I didn’t know or learn about color racism but through education and connecting to the foreigner societies, why? Because I have NEVER seen it in my society, I’ve never seen it in my school; have never seen it in my work!<br />
People just like to lie about Arabs all the time! They just wish if they could combine all bad characteristic in the world in Arabs!

I live in and work in a Gulf Arab country and the institutionalized racism here is shocking. These Arabs mistreat and take advantage of anyone who is not one of them, even Muslims from other countries and non-native Arabs, especially Egyptians. It is nothing for the natives to beat-up Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi motorists on the side of the road for the 'offense' of cutting them off in traffic. There is now youth gang violence, which is typically native Arabs stabbing non-natives. Non-natives cannot become citizens, cannot own land or businesses, work in government, or expect equal treatment under the law when dealing with a native. The most shocking thing is that the natives don't feel the least bit of shame about their mistreatment of foreigners. They are unabashedly racist.

I'm from the US and am a minority, so I have a good understanding of racism. I won't say that racism doesn't exist in the US, but our society has advanced to the point where we've freely elected a Black President, and racism is HIGHLY stigmatized. Gulf Arabs are by far the most racist people that I have ever met. They leave Americans alone, so for us it's not bad. But I would never come here if I were Asian or African.

Did you just say "non-native Arabs, especially Egyptians" &gt;&gt; LOL That's so funny and show that you don't know a damn thing about Arabs, tell me, how is it possible that you are living in a gulf country, yet you think Egyptians are non-Arabs, actually, tell me, how is it possible that you are living in the world, yet you think Egyptians are non-Arabs? LOL - That's one, secondly, your bad luck made you reply to me when I have been BORN and LIVED in a gulf country so I can say what you are saying is complete crap! Now there is racism everywhere but not the same way you are "trying" to show! There are Indians and Pakistanis here who hold high positions, it really depends on your qualifications and experience, so if you are a loser, do not ask them to hire you as a chairman or something, then say they are racists because they didn't! and also, do not expect them to give you the same rights as the country citizens because that's stupid! I say if you don't like it, GO BACK TO THE US,!

Its not your skin. It's your culture and where you are from and who you are related to as well as or in addition to:... Maybe the fact that you are not muslim. You need to be a part of their family circle or very close within their culture circle. I've been dating a girl for a year.... she still lives at home and I can never be introduced to her parents or family. They would disown her (at the very least). Her family and/or culture circle can never know about me. It Sucks, but she is hot and a mans gotta do what he has to do to enjoy some finer things! There are girls that will break out of their shells, but the ones that have deep roots within their family and religion won't break away and give you the time aday. I can only hope that my persian princess can break away some day. I'd love to show her off and take her places that she isn't afraid that someone from her country will see her.