Arab Aliens

You know, they are just normal women like any-other women, you don't have to ask "Do they like black men?' They are not some sort of alien, they are just normal women who may or may not like black men!

That was just an example, I have read some other wired wonders, it makes me shake my head more than feel praised or so, seriously! 
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I think it's pretty common among interracial dating. Being from different race gets ppl closer or creates hate. Good things should be encouraged and bad discouraged. If a black/Latino/Asian guy/woman enquires about some other racial woman/guy, I think it's fine as long as no racial hatred is shown.


no not like any other woman...the r the best

Arab women are as much alien as all other women! :P

LOL! True!

I don't care about what a crazy person thinks of me and glad you directly blocked me! We know who is paranoid now!

Well you asked for more haters! :P

LOL!!!! Same thought occurred to me!

Whatever this means, and whoever you actually are, 'missgaga'. Arab women have in common to live in societies where the social role of women is still often seen as family-oriented more than anything else, and where there is a staggering lack in education for girls in many Arab countries, with often a segregation of sexes in education that does not produce very good results in many fields (sciences, sports, social work, education, etc...) except for the happy few who can travel and are part of the local financial and social elite. Like all women, Arab women are very different, but they have in common the fact of living more in clusters of women-oriented groups and being submissive in societies where you submit, once married, to your family-in-law first of all. They can be extremely beautiful, extremely sweet, and I particularly appreciated with all those I've been with the fact that being hairless everywhere on their bodies was not even a question with them - it was the norm.

Idk where to start, your comment is completely ignorant and lacks credibility leaving me shocked not sure what to say to such pure ignorance! It is funny how you keep talking about Arab women in such a way as if you are all knowledgeable yet you say complete crap. You say Arab women's role is in the house and they lack education and I'd like to know where the hell you got this crap from? I live in an Arab country, I am an Arab woman myself (regardless to your paranoia and how you think I am a male) and I know that it is almost impossible to find a home here where a woman does not work, and I know that it is very rare to find a girl without hihger education (university), seriously, educate yourself first about other countries/cultures and stop making such stupid claims. You can find submissive women everywhere, do not claim that all Arab women are submissive that's just stupid, I don't believe you have met all of them, nor did you meet enough of them but again you talk as if you just know who Arab women really are, (your family-in-law first of all) HUH? and can you tell me how you know that? Were you an a married Arab woman before and I don't know ? Stop stalking me with such stupid comments, I took the time to respond to your nonsense, I am not wasting more time replying to complete lies.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you must be joking. The only thing that seems to confirm you might indeed be an Arab is a forceful paranoia that forces you to counter anything I say, even when you contradict the most obvious evidence. Illiteracy among women? 90% in Egypt, to start with. Women students? In some countries yes - in most countries, Morocco included, no. I could go on. Being submissive to your family-in-law as soon as you're married? It was even a problem for Bachar-al-Assad's wife, even though she was supposedly the 'first lady' of Syria. I could go on and on. I've had married Arab women as friends, I had Arab women as lovers and mistresses, I travelled extensively through some Arab countries and I studied both Arabic and Arab cultures. So...does the Quran advise you to insult people? I don't think so.

Okay good, I am not replying any more nonsense from your side. You are the one who keeps stalking me with stupid comments and when I don't reply you say "huh, no answer!" then now you are saying, you know what, I think you are an Arab because you are paranoid enough to reply me, Idk what that even means LOL!, but thank God you said it, now I can say get the hell outta my way, don't comment on my stories and then be surprised that I am replying. If you keep acting this way, you will be blocked.

Don't reply - my idea about you won't change. And you're being blocked anyway...blockhead, whoever you are.

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