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Arab Women: A Discrete Sexuality

My experience with Arab women is only platonic. 

The shipping company I work for sent me to close a deal in Port-Sudan. The local agent prepared some papers and I took them to Khartoum to have them delivered to the local authorities. The Sudanese motto of business is IBM (Ichallah Bukra Males, meaning unfotunately I can only deal with your business tomorrow, God permitting), so I had to stay in Khartoum for four days to take care of the papers. During my stay, I walked on the streets and saw a lot of local Arab women. I admired their obscure beauty and their allusive charm. I tried to interact with them, but my Arabic is lousy and their English even worse.   On another trip I visited Tunisia. There the women were more open and they spoke French, making it easier to communicate. I was impressed by their tranquility and the simple, yet realistic, way of dealing with everyday life. Of course, they were in general voluptuous and sexy, but also managed to keep a clear distinction between sex and flirt.   I talked with friends about my opinion on Arab women, asking them of their views. None had ever really had sex with an Arab woman (a sailor told me he had once been with a prostitute, but that doesn't count), but they all agreed with me on the charm Arab women emit. One told me that they might not be good in bed because their religion makes them have a lot of remorse.    Has anyone had an erotic experience with an Arab woman? I'd love to hear his impressions. I would also like to hear from Arab women about their views on sex and intimacy in general.    
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I want friendship

We should add that a lot of Arab women being Muslim are not allowed to have sex with non-Muslims - except if they're ******. Any Muslim female caught having sex with a non-Muslim can be charged with adultery and punished accordingly - with a punishment that can range from simply being cast out socially to outright death, with everything in between possible. Muslim men, however, have the right to **** any non-Muslim female if they so choose, since it may be away to bring another female into the Muslim fold. I had all the difficulties in the world to convince my then companion not to "marry" her Arab lover formally - despite his insistence - since that marriage before Allah would have made her a Muslim, with no way out (apostasy, getting out of Islam, is punishable by death).

Obviously, you know nothing about Islam, which is why you should keep your ignorant and misinformed opinions to yourself.
Muslims are forbidden from committing adultery with ANYONE out of wedlock, whether muslim or otherwise. There are no exceptions for men or women in this regard, and they are punished equally according to marital status. The religion of the other person does not pertain to this matter at all - both parties are punished.

Non muslim women are not required to convert to Islam, when marrying a Muslim man, as long as they're christian or jewish. If the man insists, then it is the matter of cultural norm and not religion.

Non muslim men who are christian or jewish do not need to convert either when marrying a muslim woman - but this is a controversial topic with most clerics leaning towards the opposition of this. such couples can have a civil marriage, as most Imams refuse to officiate such marriages. Most of these men convert to Islam on paper just to please the girl's family and the Imam.

We have enough idiots out there misinterpreting Islam as it is - so please educate yourself before you start spreading such non-sense.

Am an arabic woman from Morocco I've been born in dubai and lived there for the age of 13 then we moved to Jordan and I live here ever since am 26 years now. Am married from a jordanian man and wear scarve or hijab since I was married. I only wear it in front of his family and he knows that.I've been raised in a free minded family and experienced sex since I was 14 years.I enjoy western men and western life in general. I've been to France Germany Spain and turkey many times and I've met many nice western men who I enjoyed in bed with them. I feel more comfortable with western men than Arabs even if sex included public nudity or group sex or even filming I didn't mind that with any of my partners I just do what ever we want to do.

I have been married to Libyan lady, but she does not like experience, I am a kind of guy like try any thing, anal, and like outdoor sex, especally wheN I wan in UK, now I am in Kuala Lumpur, and start really being attracted to Malaya muslim girls but seems they are not easy going

Malaya Muslim girls are like Indonesian Muslim girls, reserved and somewhat shy. They're usually very clean and prefer an exclusive relationship with a man rather than sexual experimentation.

yea yea , I guess you are right, they looking forward for longer relations ship ending with marriage

This goes with the culture. It also goes with the fact that clitoral pleasure is secondary at best for most of them, so vaginal pleasure is more intense but can only happen if the woman is in a longer-lasting love relationship. Anal sex is commonly practiced in most Muslim cultures (it is part and parcel of being a woman to receive the penis in the two bodily orifices, hence the scorn for "men" who do the same) but is part of the private sphere and rarely talked about in public.

Well, i am malay girl, living conservatively in malaysia. Yes, to us, sex is exclusively after marriage. However, in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, it is not uncommon if u know any Malay girl who has experienced sex before marriage. It is wrong in our religion, but it. Is sadly happening. uur, iw girl

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Bellydance and sensuality was BORN in north africa/middle east!
Sudanese women are the most gorgeous!
the thing is with muslim culture is they dont reveal bedroom informtion/sex information to the public. Talking about sex is ok. But going around telling your friends how huge your husbands penis telling private matters

Arab women know from childhood that the role of women in the bedroom is to make sure their husband is sexually satisfied. Which is the way things should be.

Seriously... go back to the cave you came from old man!

Sure, feminism and aggressiveness has mnade things so much better. Divorce rates are way up, women end up- living lonely lives from middle age to death, children watch basically their parents fight on a constant basis, not to mention the fact that so many societies are confronted to an insufficient number of births and children left to themselves because mothers want to have a career at all costs. Not even mentioning stress and frustration. What a wonderful world. I have never said women should be treated as brainless breeders or idiotic slaves. But there is not going around the fact women have to assume a nurturing role for their children and their children's fathers that nobody else can assume. You're probably just too young and peppy with idealism to understand this.

Oh no no,you shouldn't feel concerned about those divorced woman who lives alone,you shoul feel more concerned about those middle aged men who had been cheated by their younger wives or those divorced men who has been reported to has more suicidal tendencies than women,that is all feminism fault,trust me those women who choose career and those who lives alone are not suffering at all

Most people who end up living alone at a certain age feel stressed and somewhat unhappy. You may be right if I understand you well - stress is greater for men after the breakup of a marriage, all statistics have proved it, but at the same time men can rebound easier, and they can enjoy a sex and even a reproductive life later than women. Except in a few cases of rich women, no male in his 30s is going to rush into bed to satisfy a 60+-year old widow.

Yes but a lot of women in his 30s is going to rush into bed to satisfy a 60 year widow and cuckold him later,

*her 30s

"but at the same time men can rebound easier, and they can enjoy a sex and even a reproductive life later than women."
They often rebound with younger women but later knowingly(or unknowingly) cuckold by them....
Also it's well known fact that men die younger than women it's precisely the reason we see more female widow than men because they're dead...
Also not many women in her 30s would want to enjoy a man in his 60s,even he is rich.Look at Wendi Deng and Richard Murdoch.The only time I seen a marriage btwn an older ma and younger woman lasts for more than 10 years is a couple who indulge in cuckold lifestyles.The husband let his wife sleep with other men even encourage her to take a lover...
I also know a case of older guy who urged his wife to take east asian lover

Unless you want to die of Viagra abuse, which is easy (Viagra is definitely not very good for your cardiovascular system) no male past 60 is going to be able to satisfy the raging hormones of a female between 20 and 40. Any older men marrying young wives have to agree that they'll need well-hung pool assistants, secretaries, gardeners, satisfy Madame's needs as well as perform in the garden or in the car. To me, it goes without saying. Unless of course they want to have a short and erect last few years fueled by Viagra. As for women, well...most 60+ females I know do not quite look for intercourse on a regular basis. They have other interests. But, should they find a suitable male, they probably won't hesitate to grease the unused engine and go for a few rounds...

To certain extent,I actually feel more sorry for these old men(unless they have cuckold fetish) rather than those old ladies who lives alone with cats.No need to feel sorry for those old women,they choose to be alone it's because they want to not because of the evil feminism...

But cats are wonderful companions! Intelligent, perceptive...I,m always proud to share the planet with them!

I know,I don't understand why so many men mocking women who choose these's precisely the reason I said these women are victimized by feminism at all...with or without it they still choose these felines.

women are *not victimized
sorry typo..

"You may be right if I understand you well - stress is greater for men after the breakup of a marriage"
Also the most likely to commit suicide,it seems not many of them could have a chance to rebound in this life....

Past a certain age the only thing that attracts women in men is not their physique or their shlong but their social status or the quality of their finances. All the rest is secondary. Young models we see with famous men in their 60s or more, politicians, movie stars, etc...are either well paid or open their legs in private for fame and/or money in public. But we're straying from Arab women...I think that there is more of a balance between private eroticism and public appearance in the Muslim world than in the West, in general.

This is precisely the reason I feel more sad for these lonely old men rather than those lonely old ladies...

Trust me old women who lives alone till their death do not suffered at all,research has shown them to be much happier and more likely to lives longer than women who stayed married.I've seen these with my grandma and my aunts.My grandma has lost her sex drive so she no longer needs a lover prefering instead to focus on her children and grandchildren,my aunt in her 60s has outlived her three husband,she had another guy proposed to her but she refused because she's afraid she might spent another series of nights at the hospital in case this guy fell sick like her previous three husbands and yes she's jugling several toyboys now..

I know a younger man, though, who loved to **** older females: in their 30s and 40s when I was in my 20s. Preferably married woman. They loved the eagerness and desire of his penis offered them(his words) and in return they made his day by ******* them and at the same time enjoying cuckolding an older male. He had his fair share of chicks his age but he claimed they were less exciting in bed.They were brighter, more independent, and most of them, in their 40s, had ended their reproductive needs, so there was no danger of an irate father appearing on your doorstep with Stefanie claiming she had your duck in her oven.

I once had a "mistress" who was in her 60s when I was around 30. She was a lovely person, and I would definitely have gone on living with her (she was very nice in bed, and as a menopaused widow was more than grateful for my young but already experienced penis) except that I wanted to have more kids and that of course required a fertile, younger female. Sometimes I think there is a really wise attitude in polygamy (and polyandry, except that is not practiced much in human history, although Chinese rural areas may soon have to adopt it as a practical rule due to the lack of females).

Trust me if more human societies adopt polyandry,a lot of men would very unhappy about it,they would said two wrong doesn't make it right.....or they say evil feminism is at fault....

In practice, that's already what happens in China due to the lack of females, and in Russia some basic form of polygamy has been practiced out of necessity, due to the lack of males. I find African and Muslim societies much less hypocritical about this, since after all someone in the West marrying four times is basically practicing polygamy, except sequential. The whole debate on monogamy is just the religious cloak to a basic administrative decision to not split inheritances too much. It is slowly changing since some people always had children from the first "bed", the second one, and so on...Basically men have never been satisfied taking only one pair of panties off!

In China?
Really do you have citations for these?
I mean is it like in India?

Do they blame feminism for it?
I know in the west some men tend to blame feminism for pushing women into promiscuity...

Even in cultures where women are "purified" by a clitoral operation women still cheat if they want to. Feminism has nothing to do with promiscuity, just the fact women are mammals looking for the best possible breeder...and it is not always the one they are forced to marry for several reasons other than sex. At least in the West females can try the penis of their future husband before marriage and see if they need better or if it's OK...

This!! The next time I meet another male who claimed women had been ruined by feminism simply because they like to sleep around I will posted the same response you sent to me,I feel so sick everytime I do certain immoral things some guys always called me feminazi *****

I have seen quite a number of very detailed TV reports on the problem. Due to the preference in males for babies (killing girls at birth was common in several cultures, but with the only-child official policy in China it made things a lot worse, even though abortions may have taken the place of outright infant murder) there is now a massive unbalance between sexes in many regions, so a number of male friends may well end up having the same sexual partner even though she's nominally only the wife of one of them. The problem is similar in India (girl-killing remains common, as well as abortion of female fetuses, partly for economic reasons) but in Indian states it has not been made worse by an "only child" policy forcing parents to choose between male and female, and of course parents virtually never choose female!

Well,they can't blame feminism for that

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Tunisian girls are open minded and very good in bed compare to other Arabic girls like Moroccan, Egyptian and Lebanese. I have tried these nationalities in Dubai and really i felt more comfort and excited to enjoy with a Tunisian women. I was told in Tunisia- premarital sex and abortions are regular things in girls life.. unlike other Arab counties.. if you like to enjoy Arab women better visit Tunis than any other country

Samarah16, women like you are what disgust me. I am not sorry to say this.<br />
<br />
My current or should I say ex-tricked girlfriend me. I had the hopes of engagement and partnership with her.I told her when we first met that I had an english girlfriend, but I hadn't only one of those silly adolescent experiences when i was 14 that did not amount to anything. She advised while she was trying to find her Egyptian prince charming, she was naive and broke her vows to G-d dating/living with a filthy englishman who in the end rightly dumped her like the filthy beast she is. She then had a dirty fling, meeting a student at work whom had come to the UK, then taking this german male to a holiday resort so close to her family home. She had a filthy satanic weekend with lots of untold explicit actions. She also continued drinking for a while until she stopped as I always told her, I did not like it especially in my presence. And I have stayed with her, the sucker I am.<br />
<br />
Our relationship from my intent was pure, and yes we ended up having a full relationship. I felt I was being seduced at times, genuinely like the Seirenes of Greek mythology. As a 26 year old previously chaste male, I gave into temptation and lament asking for forgiveness.If I had not lied, I would have not found this out. I feel cheated. All I can think of is when she tells me the first BF treated her well and she enjoy his uncircumcised phallus in her, and then she always teases me she had a big german bratwurst inside her. She started drinking to get rid of her guilt to G-d. She told me she initiated this relationships also. I feel sick. I cannot think nothing else but of this image. She tells me she needed to feel like a women.<br />
<br />
Our families have met, her mum is pure but how could the apple fall so far from the tree. I cannot take this any longer... I feel the duty to marry her now we have been together but I would rather die a painful agonising death. Apologies for the drama but I feel I cannot hold this any longer.

Sam.. I believe that your disgust is misplaced.

You feel remorse and regret for letting her seduce you, and on top of that you feel stuck because you feel that you should marry her to conserve her dignity or whatever you want to call it. I'm I hitting a nerve yet?

I don't know this woman, so I cannot judge her but let's look at the points you've raised.

1- current or ex girlfriend - which is it? are you still with her, have you left her or has she left you?
You say that you had hopes of engagement with her.. am I right in concluding that she left you are does not want to marry you?

2- you say that she was naive and gave herself to a filthy Englishman. then you say that she claims that he treated her well. Why is he filthy, Sam? Is it because he was the first man to touch the woman you love? You said that she was naive, implying that she made a mistake. But, then she lived with him and he was good to her, so it is obvious that it was mutual. Why are you so angry with him, or even her for this matter. All this happened before you came into the picture.
The same goes for the other guy.

3- you say she used to drink, stopped, and went back to it. She stopped drinking for you - what does that say about her? If she had intentions of tricking you why would she give up something she took pleasure in just because you told her to? I know the answer, and I think anybody can tell you what it means.

4- you say that you wanted a pure relationship with her, but then it went further than what you intended. Is it really that bad? If you both love each other and you wanted to marry her, why are you feeling so guilty about this and are asking for forgiveness? Are you that religious? If so, why would you be in a relationship with a woman in the first place? Why did you allow yourself to be in a compromising position where this could happen?
You said that you felt seduced and tempted, does this mean you are placing the blame entirely on her? Last time I checked, it takes to to tango (or as they say back home .. one hand doesn't clap).
Or, is it that you feel cheated and and she failed your unrealistic expectations of her?Did you somehow expect her to push you away and not give herself to you until marriage because she loves you. You chose to begin and continue a relationship with a woman who drinks, and has had sex with other men before she had feelings for. According to this pattern.. she had sex with you, which probably means she loves (loved you).
5- you talk about her telling you about her past with these two men, and how she enjoyed sex with them. She was honest with you.. she told you about her past, what she did, and what she liked about it. Does this make you angry? The woman you love bearing he soul and trusting you with all this. You may see it as vulgar, but on the other hand she could have lied to you, and withheld sex claiming she's pure. You would probably marry her and have no clue. Would you rather be a clueless fool, or accept her past and try to have a new start? What is more important to you : this woman being honest with you and trusting you, or her being a virgin?

6- you say you feel sick and you can't thinking of anything else but the men she had slept with having sex with her. She told you that she did it because she needed to feel like a woman.
Again, sounds like you're angry that she told you about this. you are angry with her because you can't get the image out of your head? She was honest enough with you to tell you why she did it; like all of us she was insecure and this made he feel better.No one was harmed.. besides your fragile ego.

7- you say that her mother is pure and she is not. I would really like to know the basis of this judgement. Why do you think she's pure? Is it because she wears hijab, prays five times a day, is very kind and nice, was a virgin when she married, does not drink, and does not talk about sex in front of you? How do you know about her mother's sex life? and since when do appearances indicate whether someone is pure or not. If you mean she has a pure heart, well how about her daughter? all you have said against her is that she had sex with European men, who are non Muslims and not circumcised (one of them better endowed than from what it seems). You didn't mention anything about her lying, cheating, etc..
From what you say, she likes sex but there must be something you liked about her in the first place. My guess is she's a nice girl. Purity is that of the heart - your intentions. Wearing hijab and praying all day does not make a woman pure; some of the most evil people I know hide behind a religious mask. Some of the kindest and charitable people I know have sex with all sorts of people.

8- you feel the duty to marry her because you slept with her. I'm confused, did you start your post by saying that you had hopes of getting engaged. If it is something you wanted, why would you prefer a painful death?
What makes her so repelling now, is it because you slept with her and found out you were not her first? Had she turned out to be a virgin would you rush to marry her? You didn't like her drinking, but you put up with it. Surely her not being a virgin would induce the same reaction - but it didn't. Why Sam?

Sam.. why do you call yourself a sucker? Why are you so angry with her? If she cheated on you, I would understand, and I wouldn't defend her. But, here you are calling me disgusting because you are angry with her, and I somehow remind you of her. Just because you feel stupid and deceived doesn't give you the right to call me disgusting.

In fact, you disgust me. Men like you have made me shudder at the thought of being with an Arab man!

Anyone else reading this.. let me tell you why. Please note that this is not a generalization.
Most Arab men, regardless of their religion, would like to marry virgins. If he finds out she wasn't a virgin, it could lead to damaging her and her family's reputation, not to mention her possible death in some countries. Why? Because in a male dominated society, he can get away with it. It can be easily proven if a woman is a virgin, but there's no way of proving that for a man unless he's got some sort of STD/STI. Does anyone care if the man is a virgin? No, not even if it's public knowledge. Why? Well who cares; he's the man and he's in control. He'll only be judged by other men like him, and they'll say what everyone else says, "It's okay. He's a man". Another reason is that she hasn't been touched by another man, or so it is thought. He won't have to look at every man that passes by and wonder whether he has been inside his wife or not. This is how paranoid these men are, including our friend Sam. The image of another man touching his woman haunts him. It disgusts him, because it emasculates him. Oh, and add to this that the woman has a frame of reference; she is able to determine her level of satisfaction. It just adds insult to injury for them.. just wondering .. was her ex bigger than me? was he better? does she still think about him? does she still long for his touch? is she still seeing him? all these silly and poisoned thoughts run through their minds all the time.

Isn't that how you feel .. like less of a man. You loved her, when you found out about her past, you couldn't handle the feeling that you might not have satisfied her enough.

Sadly, with a lot of Arab men.. most things that involve women revolve around sex. She can lie, cheat, steal and hurt people .. it's all forgivable. However, she must keep her legs closed until her wedding night to avoid shame. If she lets you touch her before that.. she's used goods and not worth anything. Love, trust, compatibility, personality.. it all doesn't matter. If she is ready to give her body now.. what will stop her from doing it in the future. What about them (men)? Who is there in society to condemn their flings with women and or men, when these things happen? Nobody. Everyone turns away and pretends these things don't happen.

It is with a heavy heart I say this, but I feel ashamed when I describe the hypocrisy of my own society. People like you Sam, call me disgusting because I am honest about myself. No.. you are worse.. you judged someone you loved so much you were ready to marry her...and you turn around and direct your hate at me? If you really love her, you will try to put her past behind you. but the best thing for you to do is find yourself a virgin bride and don't speak to her until your wedding night.. that what a guy like you should do!

I'm not bragging about my sex life, but I'm not ashamed of it. I'm an honest person, and I've never hurt a soul in my life. I live my life the way I was raised to in my Muslim country. Everyone I know swears by me and has nothing but good things to say about me. I love sex, and I need it.. just like every other person does. Sometimes because my body needs, and others because my psyche needs it. Who are you or anyone else to call me a bad or disgusting person?

Sam.. don't judge others. It will only make you miserable. Look into your soul and think about how you feel and why you feel it. It's clear to me that you are angry with yourself, but you don't want to take the blame for being a fool. You made mistakes.. and so you should learn from them, instead of blaming someone who has nothing to do with the problem.

Thank you for your reply. The long commentary I made was during a period of self-reflection and duress; which your last paragraph does some up quite nicely. I must say circumstances have changed.

I did feel a fool as I omitted to mention she did cheat on me early on in the relationship having another male "friend" stay over, although, I cannot prove it apart from an opened use of barrier contraceptive.

I did feel emasculated but as member of the armed forces here in the country I was born and live, I had or still have the capability to punish. Only G-d can give mercy, I don't.

Alas 3 months have passed and I can say that the chapter that preceded the aforementioned blog was an experience I shall learn upon and reflect. It has however taught me a couple of hard lessons, most notably that most ethnic girls are not to be trusted, have been around and have been penetrated by those colonial powers that enslaved (North) Africa, the Middle East and Indian subcontinent.

The whole religious debate is also mute, but from my experience I have learnt most ethnic girls that do no ascribe to modesty are more or less like any other non-ethnic girl I have known/dated. And before you bite my head off I am not talking about the silly headscarf issue as I know what hijab means. Conversely those who can be religious can also be the worst of all.

As you said, I shall not be a judge and will put the aforementioned down to observation. I care not of background and will take the attitude all girls irregardless of ethnicity are fair game as at heart I am a humanitarian!

Again apologies if I directed hate against you.

By the way sex was overrated, and I am telling you this as a red-blooded male.
Nothing like parachuting into a red-zone with no fire-support and under threat of imminent death. That's what my body and psyche need.
What is meaningful is making love to the person you care and respect.
Sex is like ethanol or cocaine, just a release of endorphins.

Sex is overated indeed but looking at the way people discussed about sex it definitely seems a bigger deal...women are capable enjoying multiple ****** so once they have variety it is very difficult for them to stop,it seems your only solution for you is to find an asexual woman or just stay single

You should not even consider sliding your beautifully circumcised member in a vagina that has shamelessly enjoyed the disgusting foreskins of unbelievers. This woman is a *****.

Sekhmer... I don't know which cave you're from, but please go back there. The world doesn't need another chauvinist like you.

There are already enough opinionated feminists around, Samarah. No need to add another one.

No no do tell more samarah,I'm curious do add another opinionated feminist whether people like it or not

No just put it inside her anal

Like your wife?

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Why when you mention Arabic women it seems to me that you are ALWAYS referring to Muslim women. Do yo know that there are Arabic Christian Women. What's your thoughts/experiences with these women? If any!!!

yeah i'm an arabic woman and we are so good in bed my friend even better than the americans women and our religion told us that the man it is obliged to be your husband so you can sleep with him and second our religion gift to the woman a personality because it said(our religion) that your husband must not put his **** on your face and your mouth and between you boobs because those actions mean that you are a slave for your husband not a wife and i just wonna say that we are so good in bed

hi I\'m form syria I love to be friend with you thanks

I'm arab this is an old post all I can say is that you sound volgur and disgusting we Arabs women respect ourselves we don't sleep around go mingle and sleep with western women as they are easy to persuade .

You respect yourselves, and we respect you, but you need sex just like all other women around the world do. Arab or not. There's nothing vulgar and disgusting about sex, which even the Kuran requires from human beings on a regular basis.

Arab333 you need to have a lot of sex with different men so that sekhmet wouldn't put his circumsized **** inside you

Is this supposed to have any meaning?

Look at your wife...

I still miss it. Sometimes men are thick, you know. In more places than one.

Not sometimes...

Depends which place you consider...

Well only you know...

Beautiful words can you add me please I\'m from syria thanks

Beautiful words can you add me please I\'m from syria thanks

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Arab females have as much need of being ****** as any other females. Since however they live in a world where in some cases even usual seduction practices are to be done discreetly rather than openly, when they reach the point where the can take their panties off and enjoy a penis, they will prove to be incredibly hungry for ****. Even declitorized Egyptian women are great lovers. And they're usually shaved and squeaky clean, which is good, and in some countries used to anal sex early since they have to preserve their hymens for marriage at all costs.

Women are women and just like all men and women on the planet arab women also like to have fun and release their stress.. Just that the cultural and moral bullshit forces them to be super discreet but really can someone suppress their sexual urges infinitely?

hy , i dont think its a matter of sensuousness, its just about learning how to involve revolve and evolve all sensations passions sensuousness and desire into action. sex is more than just an activity it is a bond if we love each other,i m a muslim married women for the last 9 years ,each day and each night a new romance emerges between us(me & my husband), we love each other's body , we talk about pleasure and dirty gestures and jokes, its all fun,, muslim women are not boring junks.

I've had erotic experiences with some Arab women, mostly Arab women in Western countries where they feel freer (although it has to remain discrete), except in Tunisia where i had an Arab gf for a while. Women can be very different individually, but on the whole I found them extremely sensuous, possibly because being sometimes hidden in public (one of them insisted on wearing a niqab even in Europe, and all of them were wearing an Islamic head scarf, with great variations in color, as a cultural as much as religious trait) makes private nudity even more sensuous. The common trait to all, in bed, is that they are curious to know if Western males are circumcised like the males in their families (most have attended circumcisions of male babies or children), always shave or usually wax their bodies everywhere, and tend to count of the male to make moves. Some feel that they should preserve their vaginal virginity in 'illicit' relations - and will usually offert their anus instead, although the Quran frowns upon anal sex as a rule - soem don't care: they'll be restitched when getting married to a Muslim man. Like all women, they hope you might actually be that man...provided you become a Muslim. They are very attached to their families. Beyond that, there is a world of difference between a girl from the Lebanese bourgeoisie who spends time in a thong of a beach in some sections of Beyrouth and a girl from an Egyptian rural area whose clitoris has been chopped off to make her quieter and whose future lies only in marrying a local Muslim and be bred. By the way, removing the tip of the clitoris doesn't make women necessarily colder...I've had sex with two 'cut' Egyptian girlfriends, and they were just amazingly good in bed once we established a minimal emotional connection. And, for those who wouldn't know, cutting the tip of the **** is not a Muslim, but an African cultural practice. Little by little, it will be eradicated, since 'cut' women sleep around as much as women who aren't...

sex sex sex ohhh no its not .... its a way to communicate for ppl who wanna feel beyond words and looks .... some sexual education will be fine for all

I am an Arab woman, from a Gulf country, and I come from an ultra conservative family (both my parents'families). My parents are moderate liberal, but still do not condone sex before marriage, the reason being that they don't want their children shunned by society. If I grew up in a Western country with the same parents, it would have been a different story.<br />
<br />
I chose differently, not to rebel or to demonstrate any sort of freedom, because I already have that, and sex is not a part of it. My reasons are personal. Obviously, I am very discrete and my family has no clue, as I don't want my life choices jeopardizing theirs.<br />
<br />
Let me tell you that Arab women are like women anywhere; you will find some who are cold and perceive sex (even with their husbands) to be a necessary evil in order to procreate, and some who embrace it and enjoy it. A certain group take it a bit further and go all out, with or without a husband. I've lived in different countries, and this is the case pretty much everywhere I've lived. <br />
<br />
Many non Arab men, who haven't really had much exposure to our culture or people find us exotic, and sex with us could be the ultimate taboo. We can be seductive without being vulgar, because we are subconsciously taught to. Most of us, as little girls, were told that a woman should be seen and not heard, and maybe even told not to look a man in the eye, etc.. We were trained by our mothers to be every man's fantasy; a woman who'd make him feel like a real man (I mean super macho). It doesn't mean we don't have strong personalities and minds, and can carry our own. We just pick our battles and know when each side should come out. Most Arab men I know, might not find this other than normal if the women in their families are like this. However, with non Arab men I know, it seems to be the case of them getting one or the other. Somehow, modern women in some societies just can't be bothered.<br />
<br />
A man is a man regardless of where and when he's from. And, when suddenly obtains what he'd thought would always remain a fantasy, he'll go gaga over it, and I'm living proof. I moved to a western country a few years ago for my job. I'm fully immersed in the local lifestyle in terms of daily activities. I don't drink, just like when I was back home. However, I still have sex, just like I used to back home. The only difference, is that I'm not a virgin anymore, because anal sex is no longer my only option, and I don't have to sneak around. <br />
<br />
I only ever had Arab boyfriends before I moved here, and then I decided I'd rather stay single. It suffocated me how controlling they were, trying to change who I am. And before any of you jump to the conclusion that they were like that because I slept with them or other men, NO they didn't know and I never had sex with them or anyone else during these relationships. Not all Arab men are like this, I know my father wasn't, and neither were my brothers. Sadly, the ones I know are all taken.<br />
<br />
I had never been with a white man before arriving here, and I was apprehensive at first. All I heard growing up is that they don't respect women and just use them for their bodies. I was all alone in a foreign country: I had one Arab friend who helped me out but really just wanted to get into my pants, and so did all of his friends. I made a decision that, although unusual, saved me so much hassle and headache (only Arabs who've live abroad to study would know what I mean). <br />
<br />
I ventured into uncharted territories and made friends with people of all sorts of nationalities, and then I met my first English man. He was a gentleman; just like Colin Firth in any of his movies, and I ultimately gave myself to him. No regrets. He worshiped my body and made me feel things I never knew existed. As I came to the realization that all my past experiences amounted to nothing compared to this one night, I wondered why. The answer became clear when I ran into my ex who was in town for a few weeks. One man gave me pleasure, while the other gave me nothing but grief, and it all boiled down to selfishness. My ex had a false sense of entitlement, as though he had the right to claim my affection and body, simply 'just because'. He also, was not very interested in my satisfaction, as if it revolved around his. The other, was humble and put in the effort to earn my affections, and made sure I was satisfied before he could ask for the same in return. <br />
<br />
From this point, I started exploring my sexuality and dabbling in all sorts of activities (within reason), and with it I started understanding myself better. In a couple of years I was able to decided what like and want. I now find myself attracted to a certain type of men, it just happens that most of them are white. My mother struggled with the idea that I may end up marrying a western man, but she now accepts it. However, this might not happen. I might move back to my country, and find an Arab man that I click with. It is far fetched, but not impossible.<br />
<br />
I might be attacked just like Dania, and like her it won't bother me. I studied my religion very well, and probably know better than you do. I also know that my parents raised me well because I'm a decent person who lives by her values. I am respectable, whether you think it or not; the people who matter to me respect me and that's all I need.

You seem to be a good, intelligent, sensuous and strong woman. I like you.

Hi I'm UAE man can try me to friend you like

Can you add me a friend would like to discuss something with you - off-course with respect.

U r a modern muslim women............ wud like to add u to my list........ i wud be really proud to have friends like u..

انا من سوريا 35 سنة اتشرف ان نكون اصدقاء شكرا

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American Muslim convert/revert. Engaged to marry Egyptian man. Sexuality is a private matter and I refuse to discuss it with anyone else but my fiancee, but most Arabs (I know MANY) are emotional, passion, and loving in all aspects of personal life (ie with close friends, family, and in marriage). <br />
<br />
Most importantly, no one can chose who they love!<br />
<br />
BTW- The group name is grammatically incorrect and should read "I love Arab Women" or "I love an Arab Woman". Also, Pakistan is not a part of the Arab world.

TheRulingNumerator [Dania], we all understand that you are just following the footsteps of your mother. Plus every community needs a ****, so that normal mothers, no matter what their religion or race, can warn their daughters not to "become like dania".

I am a little shocked about the note «prostitutes don't count». An Arab prostitute is still an Arab woman. The difference is that society - although frowning on it - has authorized her to sell her sexual favors. Meaning she'll never be accepted as an honorable Muslim wife and mother, but that she's free to have sex any way she wishes, usually selling sex for money. Most 19th century travellers who ****** Arab women ****** prostitutes because, if they had tried to **** regular married or unmarried females, they would have been killed or castrated right away if caught.

open Women In the concept Western > how she Make her body Fun for the other men. And have sex outside of marriage.<br />
Top of under development. What is the difference between you and the animals.<br />
Islam has forbidden Sexual relations Outside of marriage.<br />
The woman who makes her body Sexual pleasure for men. Do not deserve respect.<br />
And can not be trusted Or to marry her. Because they will not be the favor mother .<br />
We call her a *****.<br />
And this applies to men.

Some call her a *****. I know lots of Arab and Muslim men who would gladly **** those ****** without any guilt!

By the way, how many wives and concubines had the Prophet? Including some minors...and in Islam having sex with «slaves», ie poorly paid non-Muslim servants, doesn't count, but is authorized. So if we follow the ways of the Prophet, we can have up to four legal wives, including prepubescent teens, and a cluster of maidservants, with whom sex doesn't count if they're not Muslims. Oh Allah, who's the ****?

I agree... I think Arab women are amazingly sensual and sexy. I have had the good fortune to have had a couple of encounters with an Arab woman, and I must admit if she is anything to go by, Arab women are by far the sexiest. We no longer meet up for fun as she lives in a different country but just the mere thought of her gets me all turned on.

A muslim women can not marry a man who isn't muslim. It seems unfair as men can marry any women of the books(Torra, Bible, Qu'ran ets) but thats how it is. If your are unhappy with that as a muslim then either improve your faith or look into something else wish pleases you more. either it being another religion or non. If you are a part of a religinion then you would have to follow its rules and teachings. all am saying is that if you take a math class your gonna have to take a test to prove how gd at maths you are (simple). 1+1 always =2. the same way religion would never change for anybody cause it should be from god and so no improvements can not be done(i know some might not agree but this is only the case if you actually believe in a religion.)<br />
<br />
Having sex is an unchanged rule in many religions. Its in the bible/Qu'ran and so any religion that spreads out of these have clearlu forbid the act of sex before marriage. Never the less only god can judge a person to his actions but i would like to point out that going at 200km/h would probably get you fined and banned from driving in most countries and if you were to assume religion is correct and god does exist then you have to follow the rules he has set for you. This also means that you believe the words are from god and so not man made madness.<br />
<br />
I would like to point out that some Arab men are mixture of good and bad. Some just view religoin the way that fits them and still proudly call them self's muslim. Having sex isn't acceptable for both men and women but generally only women get punished by the muslim word. But if your a muslim and truly believe in the religion or just somebody smart enough to see that the problem isn't with the religion, but the people applying it. There is nothing in islam that bans you from marrying a non virgin. Even if she was never married before, men simply choose not to. In islamic law you can only be punished if there is 4 witness to the act. Giving the fact that your also not allowed to spy on people. it seems very hard to say that sombody has committed adultery in islam. <br />
<br />
The hard truth is that this simply thing is only directed to muslims aswell. I believe that generally a women would only give her virginity to somebody she loves and hopefully marry. Relationships end and some loss more in it them others thats why a person should be more careful in the things he does because he might have to live with them for a very long time. Alot of women get pregnant in the wester world and some of the men just leave and never look back. <br />
<br />
We humans are messed up and all the same. I have been to many countries and everything seems to be the same except the rules. At the end of the day everybody is free and can do as he wishes. If god exist than only you can face him for your deeds and so its defenatly nobodys bussiness. <br />
<br />
Anyway i personally don't mind to marry a non virgin even though I'm. It's simply depends on how we work as a couple. I'm also arab but dont like to call myself a muslim cause i dont follow most of the rules. I hope i havent put anybody at an edge. to be honest i just want to read a hot arab sex story but it seems like it ain't happening. too bad really.

There's only one problem with all this moralizing bullshit. There are so many gods around that...and nobody's ever seen them...which leaves only one natural conclusion for anyone with good sense: god(s) and goddesses are an invention of men. They exist insofar as the universe exists, so fine with me if you want to call the Universe Allah, but don't draw any moralizing conclusions from that...

I have a Egyptian women (Arabic) :) and we are hoping to get married soon :P and yea if met the folks and they like me :3<br />
<br />
also she is a bit shy but we are fooling around :P<br />
but we are guna leave the sex thing until after marriage mmhhhh or maybe not ;P<br />
(she does tend to like to torture me when we do fool around :P )<br />
<br />
Anyway true love rules and the more you love someone the more you both will put out in bed or in anything els for that matter :)

Josh2012 , you are not Muslim , u should not interfere or talk about something u don't understand or irrelevant to you , I mean it's not your business and you don't have the enough knowledge to comment on this matter only , the woman who sleeps with men is called a ***** . TheRulingNumerator knows that everyone will know her with the same ' she can't show her identity , it's not right to talk and hide behind a nick name .

Of course. Only Muslims can talk about Islam. Be surprised if a lot of people outside Islam feel that a number of Muslims have turned into Nazis. I've studied Islam enough to know that in Islam, basically...everything goes provided you hide it. Starting with the cases of beer in Tunisian supermarkets, which are sold, of course, through the back door so nobody knows you drink. Or the rich Saudi who had the windows are the back of his car covered in black so he wouldn't see the poor and have to perform zakat. There are very good things in Islam, and terrible ones. recognizing it is the first step to humanity.

And, by the way...the manner in which women are treated around the Arab and part of the Muslim world is abysmal. it is globally so bad that economies will flounder if education for girls, and the treatment of their gender, does not improve in the years to come. I make an exception for Muslim countries like Malaysia or Indonesia. OK, they many still trim the clitoris off girls, but they also have entire parts of IT development done by women engineers, teachers, and innovators.

I am sure 100% that what called therulingNumer..etc is not Palestinian , muslim women are not like that ,

I am sure 100% that what called therulingNumer..etc is not Palestinian , muslim women are not like that ,

@ TheRulingNumerator<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting your thoughts on this topic. I appreciate it, like I appreciate most of the comments here.<br />
<br />
I take offense at the comments made by arabman in his last post.<br />
Obviously you are an educated, intelligent person, so you can see from where his opinions originate from... and so rightly would not be concerned by them.<br />
Nonetheless, I felt I had to say my piece...<br />
<br />
@ arabman<br />
You were correct in one of the points you made in your message.<br />
"Its not a matter of race at all"<br />
I am glad that you can accept that people of different races can marry.<br />
<br />
However, you quickly lost me by ending the sentence with: "its a religious matter"<br />
<br />
How is the love between two people a religious matter?<br />
It isn't, and it never should be, just as class, education, wealth or race should be.<br />
Love is, or should be, the devotion to another person.<br />
whether they are both the same religion, race, sex, or whatever is irrelevant.<br />
<br />
Now, as more people seem to be becoming aware, religion isn't perfect.<br />
It never was, and never will be.<br />
In general, whether you look at christian or muslim religions, what is the underlying common denominator? That the texts, laws, and customs they contain all come from the writing of men. <br />
<br />
That is why, when it comes to religion, from both a christian and a muslim viewpoint, it is unacceptable, evil, or whatever, for a woman to sleep with a man she is not married to. Why then is it tolerated, even championed, for men in most cultures and religion to behave as (to use one of your many desc<x>riptons) *****?<br />
<br />
I wonder if women had been (allowed to be) involved in the drafting and the interpretations of such religious texts, whether that would be different. <br />
I suspect so.<br />
<br />
I personally would like my wife, ideally, to be a virgin, when I met her ( and yes, I would sleep with her before we married, many, many times :) ) but hey, I'm not 18, so the chances are of that are, frankly, remote.<br />
But at the same time, I would also like someone who has had different partners before me, and that has chosen to be with me. What is wrong with that? Nothing.<br />
<br />
Is your wife the only woman you have ever slept with?<br />
I seriously doubt it.<br />
And honestly, for your sake, and hers, I hope not.<br />
<br />
If I am correct in my assumptions, and only you will ever truly know that, why would have it been wrong for your wife to have other partners before she met and fell in love with you?<br />
<br />
Your comment calling TheRulingNumerator ( great name by the way...) a liar.<br />
Where do you get that?<br />
I feel, I know, she is speaking the truth, as she is speaking from the heart, of her own personal experiences, why should she feel the need to lie?<br />
<br />
Why can't her family not accept her, and love her, for who she is?<br />
If anything, their acceptance shows her family are more educated, intelligent, and furthermore, express a greater love for her, by accepting her for who she is, rather than not "tolerating" her behavior.<br />
<br />
The concept, as you put it, of it somehow being a crime "as you ought to know" is, frankly, ludicrous, to an educated person. <br />
Have you actually really studied your religion?<br />
Do you understand that there are many, many versions of Islamic faith, just as many as there are christian versions? <br />
<br />
Some are more tolerant, modern, whatever word you chose to use, than others, but at the end of the day, it is ALL a matter of interpretation, which was done, and continues to be done, entirely by MEN.<br />
<br />
I suggest you study your religion a bit, rather than just accepting things at face value, and I say the same to anyone else reading this as well, be you Muslim, Christian, Jewish or otherwise.<br />
Blind belief is dangerous, and just a bit ridiculous, if you actually look at it in detail.<br />
<br />
Your comments how people in "this part of the world will never tolerate...<br />
No, people who don't learn from experience, who don't open their eyes, or their ears, or their hearts, will never tolerate, I guess...<br />
But that is their problem really.<br />
The rest of the world will move on, their kind will age and fade away out of existence and relevance.<br />
<br />
Your next paragraph just beggars belief!<br />
How is she "so shamelessly brag about being with so many men in non marital affairs, and even saying so boldly that u don't regret"<br />
I take pride in humanity that she speaks her mind and her heart.<br />
And you somehow claim that it is a sin "for both men and women equally", but how equally is this supposed sin meted out? I suspect almost entirely against women.<br />
<br />
Then we get to your next comment: "if you are against any of islam rules then you are not muslim, simply.". Sorry, which set of Islamic rules are you referring to?<br />
Sunni, Shia, Sufism, Ahmadiyya, Berghouata, Kharijites, Quranist, Yazdanism, Mutazalia, or... need go on..., who, out of them is right? And what type of muslim, therefore, under your logic, is she not?<br />
And, out of them, which, to you, has the right rules, and, that, therefore, are all the rest, are not muslim, because they don't adhere to your particular interpretation? Be careful here, according to you, millions of muslims aren't actually muslim because they don't follow your interpretation.<br />
<br />
Simply, the concept of "bf/gf relations is not known or acceptable at all... but you think its OK to sleep with them without marrying them... So, meaningless one night stands are OK, but actually developing a meaningful relationship with them is totally out of bounds for you, because, afterall, they must be a "****" for having sex outside of marriage. Fine for you though, I suspect. And gee, with your logic, there are no prostitutes in muslim countries, never have been, never will. <br />
<br />
Re living in germany, and that "even here the huge sin of having zina "non marital sexual affair" is well known for all muslims and especially arabs, and even their girls who do it hide it as they can't show it off!". I actually don't think that anyone wants to "show it off", but I suspect that they feel they have to be circumspect because of people with mentalities like yours.<br />
<br />
I, personally, grew up in a supposedly christian country, Australia, where not religion but the rule of law dictates most things. While the majority of people claim adherence to one form of Christianity or another, few ever go to church unless a marriage or funeral requires it. <br />
We have quite large numbers of people who practice other religions as well, and we all tolerate each other because our lives, and our laws, are not dominated by religion.<br />
<br />
Many of my family hail from Ireland, and therfore I know the stupidity of religious intolerance, even if it is between, in that case, two christian religions. <br />
<br />
I believe in god, but I am healthily suspicious of any organised religion that promotes any particular faith as the ONLY faith. Your belief in god is purely that - YOURS.<br />
Accept and interpret how you see fit. Only god will know.<br />
<br />
I found this site because I've fallen in love with a muslim girl from saudi arabia.<br />
I hardly know her, we have gone out for coffee once only, and when she returns form Saudi arabia I so desperately hope to get to know her more. <br />
I'd marry her, I'd love her, I'd respect her beliefs, what she wants... but at the same time I'd expect her to respect my beliefs.... <br />
Here's hoping... <br />
Well, thats my rant, took a bit longer than expected, but C'est la vie on these forums...

I fell head over heals for an arab woman, and let me tell you as someone stated here before, just her walk drives me crazy, she can seduce me with her smile. There is this thing about her that makes me feel like a child again. I love every aspect about her, in bed she is incredible, out of bed she is the most beautiful, smartest person i have ever met. Since I met her, I just dont see myself looking at other women as I once did. I don't know if its her culture, her beauty or just her being her but she is the best thing to happen to me. Here's hoping one day she becomes my wife...

Sex is best with the person you feel most passionately to, does not have to be love love, but passion, whether physical or mental. I wouldn't categorize things, but maybe the cultral aspect which can affect the mental state ect...<br />
<br />
Sometimes people feel more attracted to people from different backgrounds, hence it is hard to get a clear, generalized answer. <br />
<br />
But I would say Arabs are more emotional and can love and hate pretty fast. Other than that I have no idea, we need a survey :D

nice ! i'm also quite attracted to arab/muslim women! im a christian from the Philippines i dont know why maybe its just because of the fact that it is forbidden for muslims to have relationships with non muslims. so she actually does something forbidden just for you.<br />
<br />
right now I have a muslim friend who is from morocco ! she's really sweet and intimate she use to tell me how much she loves me etc.! im also friends with her sister and cousin who seem to not mind the situation.

hello<br />
um arabic man like make friend woman<br />
<br />