When I travel to a new place. I always love to take the time to walk around and look at all the architecture around me. I love seeing the buildings and how things are made or designed. When I was in Washington DC, I loved walking through the residential streets. There were truly houses with character there. I captured a few pictures, but admired their design and beauty.

When I was in California, I loved looking at the mansions and was just in awwww in the design elements of the homes. Some were cookie cutter mansions, while others had such character to them. They were completely unique from any other house I'd seen. It's amazing what architecture is to me. It really is. I've always had a love for it.

I remember being in New Orleans and walking through the French Quarter and just admiring the homes and history that was there.

The same was true in Charleston, SC. I have an absolute appreciation for it.

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Jul 14, 2010