Armpit Tickling

I have a deep armpit tickling fetish. I adore to tickle women' extremely ticklish armpits, preferably with the arms tied over the head securely and immobile. It's incredibly arousing. Light, gentle scratches/tickles right in the centers showing absolutely no mercy no matter how much they laugh.
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I'd that done to me....

Try that on me...

See my profile pic. :-)

i LOVE having my armpits tickled!

enough to get me squirming just thinking about it! I'm sssoooo ticklish there..

I like it too! I think there's nothing sexier than a female wearing something sleeveless and seeing her bare arms and armpits. When I see a really pretty girl in those kind of clothing I have a strong urge to tickle her armpits. Always had this "fetish". Luckily, my gf's always went along with it since they knew how much of a turn on it was for me. I've learned that most girls have very ticklish armpits and some find it arousing to be tickled there. I don't know why but seeing a nude woman with her arms up is nowhere near as hot to me as seeing her wearing something sleeveless and raising her arms. Maybe it's just because that area alone is exposed. Maybe I'm crazy. lol. Hope not.

You're not crazy, and you're not alone! I agree with all you said.

That's the beauty of it

Now she know's how it feels . It tickles does'nt it . Hmm

Now she know's how it feels . It tickles does'nt it . Hmm

That's almost enough to chill my blood. The thought of continuous underarm tickling regardless of how much I beg for it to stop. Just forced to keep laughing and laughing.