The Ticklish Disciplinarian

Rebecca and Jason were a very bonded couple. They had been married for eight years and lived in a large country house in a scarcely populated area in northern England. Rebecca was 41, long red hair, green eyes, quite tall at 5’9, a very ample bosom, and a large, fleshy bottom. Jason was 32, brown hair, hazel eyes, quite short at 5’7, but with an athletic body. Rebecca was very dominant. She was a disciplinarian and had looked for a submissive, younger man which she found in Jason when she decided to marry him eight years earlier. There was a strict regime of discipline in the house, and failing to follow the rules always meant punishment for Jason. The punishment consisted of spankings, floggings, canings and if the offence was deemed to be serious, even whippings. This correction methods were carried out in their master bedroom which also had bondage devices attached to the bed (leather cuffs at the four posts of the big, sturdy wooden bed), and leather cuffs attached to chains connected to the ceiling, plus ropes and more leather cuffs to hold Jason’s body in place during punishments.

Rebecca was a teacher in the school of the nearest little town which was 40 miles away from their house. Jason would take care of the house when Rebecca was at work, and was given every day a list of duties to carry out. Almost every day, upon her return home, she would find reasons why Jason needed to be punished for failing to carry out the assigned duties correctly.

Rebecca had been suffering from a severe form of depression for the last two years, she often felt sad, felt almost like crying, she often didn’t have an appetite, she was very down and felt very tired. Jason was very concerned with his wife’s health and wished to find something that could help her get out from that state of depression. He did some research online and found out that there was a doctor in the nearest bigger town that apparently had developed a new therapy against depression. He told Rebecca about it and they decided to go see that doctor.

They called and made an appointment and a few days later drove about 100 miles to reach the town where the doctor had the office. They had to wait a few minutes before they could finally see the doctor who was a woman about the same age as Rebecca. They sat before the doctor and explained that Rebecca had been suffering of a severe form of depression for quite a long time. Dr. Mary Brown told them that she had developed a new method anti depression that was working very well on some patients. She said there was a certain condition that made it work better on some patient rather than on other ones. Rebecca and Jason were wondering what that was and asked Dr. Brown about it. Dr. Brown then suddenly asked Rebecca if she was ticklish. Rebecca was shocked at hearing that question, and so was Jason. They both knew that Rebecca was unbearably ticklish all over her body, she absolutely hated to be tickled, and when it had happened that Jason accidentally had tickled her it had always meant severe punishment for him. Rebecca answered the Doctor and said she was extremely ticklish, and wanted to know why the Doctor asked her that. Dr. Brown explained them that her method consisted of tickling the patient affected by depression as prolonged, forced laughing would release endorphins and would get rid of the sadness that typically affected the patients suffering from depression. It only worked on extremely ticklish patients though, and she told them that many men and women had already benefited greatly from her treatment. Rebecca said that she didn’t see how this could be done, as she could not stand being tickled at all and would fight it. Dr. Brown replied that she had foreseen that problem and had thought of using restraints to hold the patient in place in order to be tickled properly and for long periods of time. Rebecca was sceptical about the whole thing and wanted to leave, she thought it would have been awful to be tickled while being restrained. Jason was considering the chances of a successful treatment and told Rebecca that maybe they could try it, since they had already tried anything else without any success. The doctor told them that if they wanted she could have arranged a first session right there and then, to see how it felt like. After a little more hesitations and a little more talk, Rebecca agreed to try the treatment.

The Doctor led them to the next room which was the treatment room. A nurse arrived too. The room had a medical table that had leather cuffs attached at its four corners plus a few more straps on the sides. Rebecca was asked to undress to bra and panties. The Doctor asked her to raise her arms and cross her hands behind the head, she then took a small feather and stroke Rebecca’s underarm with it lightly. Rebecca let a scream and immediately dropped her arms down. The Doctor said that was excellent and that she was sure the treatment would have worked wonderfully on her. She then asked Rebecca to lay on the bed which she did. The nurse told her to raise her arms over the head and locked her wrists in the leather cuffs at the upper corners of the bed, then she locked Rebecca’s ankles in the cuffs at the lower corners. The Doctor started then lightly stroking Rebecca’s underarms, sides and tummy with her wiggling fingers. Rebecca exploded with screams of laughter at once, she truly was insanely ticklish and was pulling desperately with all of her strength at the restraints that were holding her body in place. She totally hated being tickled, the worst was when the Doctor tickled her underarms, which caused the most intense and loudest laughter out of her. The Doctor then tickled her feet for few minutes, which proved to be intensely ticklish as well, eliciting continuous fits of uncontrollable, loud laughter from Rebecca. She had never laughed so much before in her life, it was a very intense sensation, and she hated that she could not move and escape the tickling fingers. After about 20 minutes of non-stop tickling and laughing, the doctor told the nurse to untie Rebecca. She sat on the bed and was truly surprised at how she felt. She was feeling happy, relaxed, like electric energy had passed through her body that made her usual sadness go away. The Doctor told her that she would be totally cured of her depression in just a few months of a one hour long daily treatment sessions. Rebecca put her clothes back on and they went back to the Doctor’s office. Rebecca was getting really convinced that this treatment would work on her, but told the Doctor that she could not drive all that road every day. The Doctor suggested then that maybe her husband could administer the treatment to her. There was a moment of silence, Rebecca and Jason looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Rebecca knew that this was necessary and that Jason just wanted to help her, but at the same time she didn’t really like the idea of spending an hour a day in secure bondage being tickled by her submissive husband. Jason understood all that, and said it was for her own good and for her to be healthy again. Rebecca thought about it for a few more seconds, she sighed deeply and finally agreed to it. The Doctor told Jason to make sure to tickle Rebecca’s most ticklish areas so to elicit the most laughing as possible, and to think about getting a few restraints and bondage devices as well. She told Rebecca that Jason needed to show no sorry feelings for her, as the more she would laugh the better she would heal. Jason was to do all he could to achieve that, she even advised him to use some verbal teasing while tickling Rebecca as that often would increase the intensity of the patient laughing reactions. They would start with 4 weeks of an hour a day of treatment and then they were to go back to see the Doctor to evaluate the progress.

During the drive back home Rebecca and Jason didn’t talk much. Jason said they should start thinking about making a special room for Rebecca’s treatment, and Rebecca agreed to it sighing and with an expression on her face that was more serious than it usually was. Jason felt a tingle deep inside at the thought of Rebecca’s screaming laughter he had witnessed at the doctor’s office.

As they arrived home Rebecca got upset at Jason because he had forgotten to turn off the light in the living room before they left. She told him to go to the bedroom and wait for her naked on his knees. She went to change and wore her disciplinarian outfit, which was of black leather with holes for her bare ample breasts and large fleshy bottom and black leather boots. She entered the room and her breasts and bottom jiggled remarkably as she walked towards Jason. She instructed him to stand and raise his hands over the head. She then locked his wrists into the leather cuffs dangling from the ceiling and tied his ankles together with ropes. She told him he was due for punishment and grabbed the flogger. She flogged Jason for 30 minutes on his back, bottom, legs and chest. Even if it hurt, Jason loved to see Rebecca’s ample breasts and bottom jiggle with each stroke she gave him.

In the following few days Jason got busy with building a special room for Rebecca’s treatment in the basement of the house. They looked at a few bondage devices online and decided to buy a X cross, a bondage bed, a stretching rack, a wooden frame and a set of stocks. All devices that would allow very secure bondage and therefore the best results for the treatment. As everything was completed they entered the room for the first treatment session.

Jason helped Rebecca undress, she was then wearing just a G string. They decided to start with the wooden frame that stood in the middle of the room. Jason secured Rebecca’s wrists into the leather cuffs that were fastened in the wood above her, and did the same with her ankles on the bottom part of the frame. She was tied in a X standing position. They both were quite nervous. Jason told her it was for her own good and the he loved her, she told him she loved him too and they kissed. Then Jason, without saying a word, started wiggling his fingers up and down Rebecca’s sides. Rebecca tensed, pulled fiercely at the restraints, her eyes wide open, let a scream and dissolved into giggles which would turn into laughter every time Jason fingers got close to her underarms. Jason noticed that, and after a short while just started stroking Rebecca’s underarms with his spider tickling fingers. That caused Rebecca to explode with wild, loud laughter. Jason was relentless and made Rebecca laugh and laugh all the time, the worst was when he lightly and gently scratched with his fingertips right in the centre of her underarms. He was amazed at how ticklish Rebecca was, especially under the arms. Her ample breasts were jiggling and bouncing all around, she tossed her head to the sides wildly, and kept laughing hysterically. It was an incredible sight, such a dominant woman, such a strict disciplinarian reduced to a mess of laughter due to her extreme ticklishness. Her face was a mask of laughter, tears streaming down her cheeks. Jason remembered then the Doctor’s advise and started to chant “tickle tickle tickle” as his fingers never stopped tickling Rebecca’s deep hollowed, insanely ticklish underarms. The verbal teasing made Rebecca explode with renewed and even more intense fits of wild, loud, uncontrollable laughter. Jason was now digging deeper in Rebecca’s armpits with his wiggling fingers. Rebecca threw her head back and kept laughing as much as she could to ease the sensation of being tickled so intensely. It went on for several long minutes before Jason stopped to let Rebecca catch her breath. He then decided to spider tickle Rebecca’s bare, ample, fleshy bottom cheeks, which proved to be devastating for his dominant wife. It made Rebecca howl with loud, screaming laughter and pull desperately at the restraints. Jason tickled Rebecca’s fleshy bottom for the remainder of the session. He then untied her. Rebecca was a mess, still trying to catch her breath, her hair was a mess too. She told him he was going to pay for that, but she felt different, all that laughing made her not feel sad, she even felt relaxed. This seemed to be working really well to both of them.

The following weeks saw an increasing of Jason’s punishments in terms of frequency and intensity, due to Rebecca’s frustration of having to submit to the tickling treatment administered by her submissive husband. Jason loved to be punished even more, and while he was punished for this or that reason, he would think of how he would tickle Rebecca later on (the treatment sessions took part in the evening). With each stroke he smiled inside, hearing in his head Rebecca’s loud, hysterical laughter. He had to admit to himself that he started to love tickling his dominant wife and to make her laugh uncontrollably. It was such a contrast with Rebecca’s usual serious demeanour of a strict disciplinarian. He restrained her body to different bondage devices, and tickled different areas of her body, with different techniques. He soon found out that the loudest laughter was provoked by stretching Rebecca tightly on the rack and by gently stroking her armpits with his lightly wiggling fingers, sometimes gently scratching right in the centres just with his index fingers curled in a hook. That would send Rebecca in a state of ticklish agony and constant loud, hysterical laughter as she could not move at all and her arms were stretched over the head immobile. Verbal teasing then made matters even worse for her. The same tickling technique worked very well on her armpits when she was strapped to the X frame as well, with leather straps above and below her elbows making her arms totally immobile. A different kind of laughter, more high pitched and screaming like was obtained when her feet were locked in the sturdy wooden stocks and got tickled mercilessly on the soles and toes. Rebecca had long, narrow feet and slender toes that were incredibly ticklish. Feathers would tickle awfully, and fingers would make her scream with laughter. Jason would often sit by the her feet locked in the stocks and keep tracing her soles with his wiggling, spider tickling fingers for 20 minutes non-stop. When restrained on the rack or to the wooden frame, bondage bed and X cross Rebecca’s ribs, sides, tummy, bottom, breasts all received a great amount of tickling as well. She was intensely ticklish on all those areas as well. Fluffy feathers stroking slowly her ample breasts were very effective as well, just like spider tickling her large, fleshy bottom for which sometimes Jason stretched her face down on the rack and bondage bed, or tied her to the standing wooden frame or X frame to feather her breasts. One hour of this treatment always seemed like an eternity to Rebecca, and Jason was getting every day more skilled as a tickler. He truly enjoyed seeing and hearing his wildly ticklish dominant wife laugh hysterically and pull desperately at the restraints as she was being tickled mercilessly. He always looked forward for the evening to come and the treatment session to start. Rebecca was growing more and more frustrated for having to submit to the tickling sessions, but undoubtedly the treatment was working and she was feeling less depressed and sad.

After four weeks Rebecca and Jason went to see the Doctor again. The Doctor saw the progress in Rebecca’s condition was there, but not as much as she would have expected. Rebecca told the Doctor of her frustration for having to submit to the tickling. The Doctor said that the treatment would only work fully if she would cooperate completely and just submit to it. The Doctor thought that an increase in terms of time and frequency of the treatment was needed too. She told Rebecca and Jason that for the next three months they were to have two daily treatment sessions of two hour each, one in the morning and one in the evening. Rebecca sighed deeply and reluctantly agreed to it. Jason eyes were sparkling.

As they were driving back home Rebecca said she wanted to buy some new kinds of floggers and canes she saw online, and Jason told her they should get more feathers and brushes too. He also told her he had seen a nice T cross online he wanted to get. They both knew there were going to be three very intense months ahead.
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Nice story! That was excellent work!

I hate my armpits tickled sooo much!!! they are really really ticklish.. armpits are gross too.
-Landon <3

my armpits are soo ticklish!! im ticklish everywhere and i dont like it either! i hate it

i love this! so sexy!