Ticklish Principal

Miss Mercy was a very special woman. In her late 20's she had already become the Principal of a private college in southern England. She was very smart, but also very bossy and domineering, so her job as a Principal suited her very well. She liked to have strict discipline in her college, with set, clear and strict rules for all students. Unfortunately there was always some student who misbehaved, and therefore needed to be punished. Miss Mercy had a very special way of punishing the misbehaving students, she tickled them. She had a special punishment room for that, with restraints to hold the victim's body still. There were leather cuffs attached to a wall, so that the student in need of punishment would be restrained in a standing Y position, with the ankles tied together and the arms out and over the head. Miss Mercy loved administering this kind of punishment and always found out or made out reasons why the most ticklish students needed punished. This love for tickling came from her childhood when she was tickled often by her cousins, uncle and aunt. Miss Mercy was extremely ticklish herself, especially under the arms which were hyper, horribly ticklish. Her feet and ribs were very ticklish as well. She tickle punished at least 2-3 students each day, both male and female. Her favourite victims were two boys and two girls who had horribly, unbearably ticklish underarms. She would have the boys shirtless and the girls with just the bra on restrained to the wall in the Y position, then she would stand in front of them and gently and lightly scratch her armpits with her nails making them helpless with laughter. Miss Mercy would keep a serious expression on her face while administering the punishment to the misbehaving students, but once in a while one could see a grin or slight smile on her face. That together with her sparkling eyes were a clear sign that she was absolutely enjoying hearing her victims laugh helplessly as her nails tickled their hyper ticklish armpits mercilessly and relentlessly. The students with the most ticklish underarms would pull desperately at the restraints holding their arms over the head to no avail, and after just a few seconds they would give up fighting it and burst with loud, uncontrollable laughter for the great delight of Miss Mercy who would just keep on scratching their armpits with her nails. After some time of gentle, light scratching she would then start digging and drilling deeper with her fast wiggling fingers all the way into the deep hollowed, ticklish armpits making the victims howl with desperate, tortured laughter. She would then keep on tickling them that way like in a bliss, like in a trance, completely loving and enjoying it. The punishment room was soundproof and the punishment would last from at least 30 minutes to sometimes over an hour (especially with the two male students with hyper ticklish underarms). Since the punishment didnt leave any mark on the students' body it was approved by the parents who saw a clear improvement in their kids' discipline. The most ticklish students were actually terrified by Miss Mercy's punishment and always tried to behave the best they could to avoid it. But Miss Mercy would always find reasons for them to be punished, and as much as it would look unfair to them, they had to submit to it anyway. Miss Mercy would suddenly show up in a classroom, walking between the desks in her black, tight dress (she loved the goth style) and stop by the most ticklish students' desk and find a reason (often a silly reason like the desk was dirty, the book had been written on it with a pen, the student had forgotten the exercise book at home, etc.) for the student to be punished. She would then just tell the student : "I think we need to talk", and everybody knew what that meant. Then her two female assistants would escort the student to the punishment room, remove his/her shirt and restrain him/her to the wall in the Y position. They then would leave the room leaving the student alone waiting for Miss Mercy to come punish them. After a few minutes she would come in, walk slowly towards her victim and stopping just in front of him/her. She would tell her victim they need punished for what they did, and as the student tried to apologize or argue, she would just say with a very serious voice:" are you ticklish under the arms?" the student's eyes would then open up wide in terror and as they tried once more to talk her into letting them go she would just start scratching with her nails in the very centres of the student's hyper ticklish armpits, totally ignoring their pleads and with a very serious and dominant expression on her face. What would follow was long, endless minutes of helpless, desperate laughter, cackling, howling and screaming with tortured laughter. Miss Mercy was totally merciless with her eyes glowing and sparkling in complete delight at the sound and sight of her tickled victims. The more they laughed the more she wanted to tickle their deep hollowed, hyper ticklish armpits. God she loved her job.

What was peculiar about Miss Mercy was that she was very dominant when at work, but very submissive when at home. She lived together with her partner and Master Tony. They lived in a large house in a rural, secluded area. Miss Mercy had met Tony online and they shared a deep passion for bondage and tickling. In her private life Miss Mercy craved and needed to be tickled in tight, immobile bondage. Even though she hated being tickled because she was so hyper ticklish, it was something she really needed to take care of her being bossy, domineering and stubborn. Tony understood her need perfectly, and he truly loved tickling her. It was a great match as Miss Mercy was horrendously ticklish under the arms, and Tony had a severe armpit tickling fetish. Every day when Miss Mercy would come back home she would undress taking off the dominant looking black clothes she wore at the college and she would wear her collar that read on the inside "Tony's tickle slave" and further just a G string. She would then go see her Master who was waiting for her. As usual he would ask her how it had been at the college, and she would answer she had been quite bad telling Tony how many students she had punished by tickling their underarms. Tony would then tell her she needed to be punished for that with one hour of tickling for each student she had punished that day. He would then take her to a special room they had built in the basement of the house. It was a gothic/medieval looking bondage room or dungeon filled with a few bondage devices. It had all kinds of feathers, brushes and other tickling tools attached to the walls. Most bondage devices were made to hold Miss Mercy's arms immobile over the head in the Y, I, or out to the sides positions, so that her underarms could be tickled properly. There was also a set of stocks for when Tony was in the mood to tickle torture her soles which were horribly ticklish as well. Tony's favorite bondage device was though a sort of arm binder made of leather, one for each arm. They were screwed into the floor and to the walls allowing no joint movement at all making the arms totally immobile and pinned out to the sides on the floor and in the Y position to the walls. Tony would then tie her legs together at the ankles and above and below the knees, making all of her body totally immobile. It was very intense to see her arms pinned immobile to the wall in the exact position in which she had her students restrained, only Miss Mercy's arms were totally immobile while her students had a little room to wiggle around trying to escape her tickling nails. Tony would then stand in front of her and ask her in a very serious voice: "are you ticklish under the arms?". At hearing that Miss Mercy would start shivering, goosebumps on her arms, deeply looking into Tony's eyes, a mixture of fear, lust, anticipation, desire in her eyes. She would finally say:" Yes Master, I am horribly ticklish under the arms, please dont tickle them, I cant even stand having them touched". Tony would then say: "you told me you have been bad today and that you tickled 3 students, didnt you"?, Miss Mercy:" yes Master I did", Tony: "So you need to be punished dont you?" Miss Mercy: "Yes Master I do". Tony:" Where did you tickle the students" Miss Mercy: "Under their arms Master", Tony: "Did you enjoy it?", Miss Mercy "Yes Master very much so", Tony: "so now you need punished the same way I think", Miss Mercy: "Yes Master you are right". Tony: "very good, so it will be three hours of tickling under the arms for you today, one hour for each student you tickled". Miss Mercy: "Yes Master". At this point she would sigh deeply trying to get prepared to what was coming. Tony would then curl his index fingers in a hook and start gently and lightly scratch with them Miss Mercy's open, immobile armpits right in the centres. Miss Mercy would explode with loud, hysterical, helpless laughter the very second Tony's index fingers would make contact with Miss Mercy's armpits. It was incredible how ticklish she was under the arms, and being totally unable to move her arms made being tickled on her armpits extremely torturous. It was amazing what just gentle scratches with only the index fingers in her armpits could cause to her. A strong dominant woman reduced to a mess of laughter, cackling, begging, then laughing like a wild woman again, shaking her head wildly from side to side, pulling desperately at the restraints, then throwing her head back and exploding with renewed and louder continuous fits of hysterical, helpless laughter. Her normally serious, goth face now a mask of laughter, mouth wide open trying to laugh as much as possible. Her wide open, horrendously ticklish armpits just being tickled and tickled mercilessly, relentlessly, her arms pinned totally immobile. She would get lost in her helpless laughter in total ticklish agony and hysteria. After a while Tony would start drilling in her armpits deeper and deeper with his fast wiggling fingers making her laugh like she was possessed by the devil, hysterically, being tickled to insanity. Tony's fingers drilling all the way in deep into her wide open, immobile armpits. It was a scene of pure sadistic armpit tickle torture, which was what they both truly adored (Miss Mercy adored/hated it really). It was a deep need and desire for both of them, it made them bond real tight, they both could not get enough of it. During weekends Miss Mercy would get tickled a lot more, on her feet as well, with her feet locked in the stocks. But mostly under the arms, hours of it, hours of maddening armpit tickle torture. Tony was very sadistic in administering it, and Miss Mercy submitted to it completely as she so needed it. They were a very happy and bonded couple who had fulfilled all their desires and needs.....
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Very good--wouldn't you love to do it for real?
But add a few details on the girls in their bras and how they shake and jiggle while they're laughing. Maybe Miss Mercy is flat and wants to punish them for having bigger breasts than she does.

I freaking love this story.