Tickled Under The Arms As A Kid

I got tickled under my arms for years as a kid. It was real torture and a nightmare. It happened almost every day for long periods of time, age 6-12. When I was a teenager I loved tickling my girlfriends under the arms, and later I developed a fetish for it. I love to tickle armpits, and sometimes I still let mine be tickled. Both ways it is a huge turn on for me. Anyone with a similar experience?
Mark201010 Mark201010
46-50, M
6 Responses May 7, 2012

I am curious about being tickled & love the thought of this being done

But I think it's wrong to tickle a child excessively or daily

As people grow up, they are easily affected, influenced by what happens to them, their experiences

My armpit never were the object to any tickling, so I don't knowhow that feels. Could you explain it to me.

I love anything to do with tickling! Unfortunately, I never really had anyone give me a good tickling. I love to tickle others in hopes they would do it back, but that's never happened either. I'd love to chat about tickling if you would like.

Hi. Wish that could be done to me....

I know what u mean when i am tickled in the armpits i ussually end up cuming

Armpit tickling is the best! The soft, smooth skin of a girl's underarm area is so sexy and tickling her there almost always makes her giggle.