Shake It Like a Polaroid Pitchaa!

She changed her photo on me, just cuz I asked that she wouldn't...oh my gosh!  Talk about playin' hard to get.  I mean, the new picture is nice, sexy...but...I don't know, it's...::sigh:: I'm just...gonna have to get used to it, lol.

Oh...and she didn't even join my group!

Heehee...hope you smiled once today.

vampireheart vampireheart
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6 Responses Aug 3, 2008

AHH! Army...oh m'gosh! I didn't realize you were online! ::tackle, hug, lick:: <br />
As long as you're doin alright, then it's okay to ignore me. Do what you need to do for yourself, then we'll talk, sweets! mhm

I'm quite sure I saw some kind of ****** story on here some place that says it is perfectly OKAY! *giggles*<br />
<br />
And to you AW.... love ya darlin'....

*huggles* I ain't ignoring you I promise - I'm just blah at the minute and my head isn't quite here, I'm just keeping a low profile :)

heck yeah, she is. I think she's avoiding me now though. I hugged her the other day and got ignored. Oh well, at least she knows I'm thinkin of her.<br />
And besides! You're my EP-mom, MSP, Army is my EP crush...ya just can't be both...ya just can't.

OMG you have about 100 stories just in her honor... so jealous here! *giggles* She is a cutie isnt she?

*huggles* :)