Heightened States.

Now I have a little confession. Shh don't let on.
Well you see it is like this. I love being naked. I really do. Now I act all innocent, which of course I am. I am naked when I am on my own much of the time and have visited nudist resorts and beaches and also gotten naked where I shouldn't.
Now I am sometimes in the company of clothed friends. Sometime a male audience. If the mood is relaxed I tend to go about without the hassle of clothing. Now I have stressed to them this is all non sexual.
Well you see it is like this. It actually turns me on. Being nude with clothed people, sort of get me going, big time.
With a group of young men, flirting and relaxing naked with them being clothed gives me a submissive yet dominant feeling which I love. I love the submissive aspect that I am naked before them and they can look at my intimate parts and taboo areas. I feel dominant as I am the centre of attention and can control the room with my actions. If I sit on a chair and place my feet on the chair I know my ***** is being displayed and they will try to look. If am close to one I can maybe press my breast up against their arm and feel the warmth of their body.
All this get me very flustered! And I am sure the boys realise that I am aroused as there are some fairly obvious signs ;)
This also leads to a difficult situation where I love them being their and making me a horny girl but I want them to leave so I can well... you know.. do what a girl has to do..
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May 11, 2012