I love this show.  I should say loved, but I still love the show, even though it is no longer on.  While this show was on I tried to convince my friends to watch it, but I just couldn't get them to see it the way I saw it.  I love watching the episodes again on DVD.  What surprises me is how many jokes I missed the first few times through.  I never was able to sit down and watch this with anyone, and I really wish I could have shared this experience with others.  I did get one friend hooked but she kept my first season DVDs.  This week (today is Oct. 7th) Wal-Mart has season one and two for $19.96 each.  Maybe I should just buy season one again.  It would be well worth it.
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2 Responses Oct 7, 2006

I watched it all the time when it first aired and bought the DVDs as they came out. It's definitely not for the masses but it has to be one of the most uniquely funny shows I've enjoyed. You really need to be paying attention too for some of the sight gags.

With comedy, there's silly/funny and silly/not funny. I never understood the comedy in this show. They monotonously deliver the lines, and they just lie there. I guess the biggest problem for me is that the premises are grossly unrealistic.<br />
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Glad you like it though. The cast is making a movie.