I Need Ep Help.

I do alot of artwork in my school and am always recognized for what i work at. My last theme was "scream." I did a series of paintings using tempra cakes. white on black. and acrylic. all with a similar image of a young girl screaming. In fact.. there was one i did that got to the display case to be shown to everyone who walked in. (which  was of myself screaming) I got calls form local artists who had heard of my work and since then, I have decided to go into art as my major.

My art teacher told me i should change my theme as i go into an analogous painting. Currently i am reading "You dont love me yet" by Jonathan lethem and i have been inspired by the idea of a complaint line. EP is sorta like an anonymous complaint line and i want to do a theme of anonymous complaints. Does anyone who "loves art" have an idea of an already artist that i could study or look up to get inspired?

If not.. what is a good idea of my next theme?

Or.. what should i paint as an analogous painting of anonymous complaints??


Thankyou to all who "love art"

Xparamourx91 Xparamourx91
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2007