Love It, Always Have...

For all the unfortunate experiences my mother managed to bestow upon me, there were at least a few things I enjoyed.

She sang everyday and encouraged her childeren to as well.  And after she had her first child she decided to take up drawing her beloved childrens faces.  Plain and simple I grew up around great music and constant drawing, naturally, I managed to come away with some talent (or so I'm told) in those areas....

I can't not sing, it not only brings me peace, but it purpetuates it.  One of lifes greatest joys for me is in hearing/feeling/experiencing live music.


And drawing usually brings me pain, I can (almost)never get what I want out a piece of paper,  but those few times that I do, its almost as if I were not the pencil holder...

I do, admittedly, find it just a touch difficult to take a step back and enjoy someone elses work.... but, again, on those accasions that I do manage it, it is pure joy.


A great and weird combination of emotions race through me for both at differing levels everytime...  I can feel truly alive.



Elf Elf
26-30, M
Oct 24, 2007