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these are a couple of things that i've drawn

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20 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Wow, these are amazing o.o didn't expect that haha, love the detail 😜

Pen? That's risky xD I don't like using pen because I always make mistakes haha

Nice sketches

I really like those. It's amazing what can be done with just a pen and paper.

I like them, especially the kind of column thing on the far right of the second one. It actually looks like pieces of photos of different building materials like brick, marble, etc., kind of piled up, and altho I know that's not what it is, I like how it looks like that. I hope you keep drawing because I can tell it will become even more awesome!

Your drawings are very good! Have you tried any other media? Your message is from 2010; I wonder if you're still around. Drop me a note.

This is amazing! :-) I love the style ofyour art. It has a certain.. old kind of feeling to it. I don't know how to describe it. Anyway. Always nice to see a fellow artist's work!

You're welcome!

love it

Do you go through a pencil sketch process before it goes to pen?

How long did it take you to do each one? It takes me a long time to even sketch that much detail in one sitting. And whoo! Pen? That's amazing.

structure of your draws is interesting. I'd like to see more .

it would be great

Those are really great but they seem to me like they're done in pencile not pen but that's just my opinion

this is awesome! i wish i could draw like that

Yay for cross-hatching! :D <br />
Even as an unfinished drawing, the second one is beautiful and so detailed. I also like the first one. What kind of pen do you use? I have a micron .05 (I think. It's not in front of me atm) and it doesn't even look like there's a pen tip but it makes the thinnest lines I've ever made with a pen. I think it's amazing how much fine detail there is! I could keep writing about how much I love these drawings but then I'll be rambling and late for class haha. <br />

Wow! I want to see more. Do you have a collection of you work in a book or something. Also, you mentioned you were a poet. Did you post any of you poems on this site?

These are really great! =) <br />
I like it!

You have some serious talent! Please continue to share. :)

Very awesome work!

Whoa, that's cool. You've got a lot of talent. They're very good for a first try. <br />
<br />
6 months? I've been putting off one of my paintings for a year. :P I work on it one day, and then don't do it for weeks or months later. >.<

Really? But the second one has much more detail. :O <br />
<br />
I'm curious, do you draw the picture with a pencil first and then use a pen, or do you do them entirely in pen? Cuz getting the drawing right with a pen first is pretty hard.

They're very nice. Are they in pen or pencil?