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I love art. I studied art for several years and produced lots of paintings. For a long time I had this question in my mind: is art useful? And many people told me that this is a question lots of artists ask themselves, but all you have to do is just keep going and produce more art, you'll get your answer. For a long time I had this idea that art is more useful to the person who does it, than to those who look at it.
Now I have a totally different vision. I realized the immense effect of art on our lives. I feel one of it's functions is to create a friendly interface in our brain. When cool artwork becomes part of our inner gallery, it shapes our future feelings and thoughts, just like any past experiences, words or pieces of music that we've heard.
I was wondering if art can help the world without having to be political. I think the answer is yes. When art gives the brain these few seconds of rest or a jolt, it transmits the artist's vision of the world and atmosphere subliminally, and can help develop the love in the observer by sort of pushing the right button.
I am looking for more art to look at to form my inner galleries.
I want it to become part of my thought language, to make my thoughts more stimulating and more colorful.
Really need something to shape my mood with.
If you know any cool artists you want to recommend me, let me know!

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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

YES. Absolutely useful. Besides being great for those who can appreciate art, art is like the canary in the coal mine: ie: when a government starts to restrict artistic ex<x>pression, then you as a citizen had better take action or if the situation is dire: flee. The Nazis, and soviets severely restricted what could be produced as art. Not surprisingly, the "approved art" , today is rightly seen as truly horrible, way worse than merely derivative.

Thanks for the suggestions! gonna search the web:)