Patience And Believing In Urself .....

I started to paint a few month ago.
My grandfather use to love a good art,he was painting with oil colours.And was a brilliant artist.
I never really tried only observed ...

So a few month ago i had a vision about painting.And started to do it .... Went to the shop ,bought few oil colour tubes and two brushes :))) 
Did't really have a clue what or how to begin.Because to paint with oil is not really that easy.. Still learning though.. 
I found out that i am not bad at drawing picture with pencil then colouring it with oil colours.Checked out on youtube abt it ,there is very good tips.

Now i own more then few tubes of colours and two brushes :))) just need confidence and patience.
Hopefully my granddad will be proud wherever he is now! 

varumba varumba
31-35, F
Jul 23, 2010