"who Is Your Favorite Impressionist Artist And Why?"

Mine is Monet. I fell in love with his waterlilies, and with his paintings of the Rouen cathedral at different times of the day. His use of color shows me his love of his surroundings and makes me awestruck.

One day I really want to visit his home, outside of Paris. Apparently it's open now to the public. It would be fabulous to see his water lilies, his pond, the green bridge.

I also love the lush colors and sensitivity of Renoir. Has there ever been a painter who painted women more beautifully?
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

yes, Monet is quite good. Spectacular even. I can't pick one particular artist. I love Renoir. I truly adore Degas. Pissaro is very unique. And Cezannes' Bathers is truly joyous. I love the later impressionists as they travel into a more modern art. Matisse used such bold colors and his material was always so striking.