I Do. I Love Art.

I grew up drawing funny pictures and sometimes getting in trouble for them at school. I loved to write and do artwork. It was something I knew I could always do and people always wanted to take my stuff. *******.

I went through most of my adult life just drawing whenever I felt like it, but not as something I wanted to pursue. When the digital revolution happened, I really got into creating digital pieces and I fell in love with H.R. Giger - that twisted bastard. I wanted to finally go to school for 3D art and animation but I couldn't find a program that I liked.

Finally, when I moved to the Northwest U.S., I found a good school. It was perfect. And then I started classes and remembered how much I hated school while growing up. Ugh, and all the social programming that they feed young impressionable minds in college. It's just another form of brainwashing. I just loved how they would all clap each other on the back and put down Western culture as if Eastern culture was so open and welcoming. It was just another case of "the grass is greener over there". It's exotic, so it must be better. And I would just smirk as I rolled my eyes at their Mass Murderer Che t-shirts. Because mass murderers aren't bad if they believed the same thing you believed.

Anywho, I dropped out after two years, so that I could deal with personal issues. But while I was in school I found oil painting. I have made a few pieces since I started and even got a few framed. I sent one to my friend in the U.K. - she said it just brightens up her room so nicely. I got a standing ovation for my first major piece while I was in school - it was a master copy of a Monet - I was dumbstruck by that reaction. That one I sent to my friend as a wedding gift. They just loved it so much.

I really enjoyed walking around downtown and going to the art galleries up in the Northwest. I saw some really awesome paintings there - things that I will never forget. But I think I really would like to paint more realisticly like in the classical sense or the Dutch Masters. But I also have that H.R. Giger nagging inside.

I'm going to put two of my paintings in a local friends art show now. It's really exciting and I can't wait.
Cargoyle Cargoyle
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2011

Sound's like you have a true talent...good luck!