My Wings

Art will always have a special place in my heart. It's my escape from reality. When angry, when sad, anything that I am unable to express, I go to art. I write a poem. I draw a picture. I listen to soothing music. Instantly, all my pains, my anger, my sadness, all vanish with the wind. I'm free. Art frees me. Without art, I would be a like a bottle, slowly filling up beyond the brim with no way to escape. I would be a soda bottle sealed shut, and just with one shake, I would explode. Art realeases all that carbonated air. It calms me. I love art because it is what makes me truely happy. It is my soul. I am a flightless bird, bound to the earth by worries, sadness, anger, loneliness, sorrow, regret, grief. Art erases all that bounds me away. Art releases me from the ground and soars me high above the clouds. Art is my wings.
Anonymous257 Anonymous257
Jan 7, 2012