Well Hey Art Major...

So I am a senior in college. :) and I pulled a pretty dumb move last year. I completely flipped my major from Classical Studies, to Art in my second semester. Pretty stupid right, WRONG!

I love art, and I love classics. But after looking back hard on my life I found it was always there. I was always looking to art to help me deal. Then I met my professor, who inspired me to be better and do better for myself. So I changed. I paint now, I do ceramics, I sculpt & of course I draw. I find that I love going to (most) classes. I get frustrated and angry and yes I throw my brushes across the room but I always tried my hardest to get it right.

Now almost a year later, here I am finishing my Major off in under a year. I'm happy that I could do it without much over exertion, EVEN with a minor in Classics too.

Now I'm waiting to hear back from my Graduate schools, even though I have doubts.

Now these doubts were put into motion by a professor, here that I have only had one class with and didn't even know I existed until last term. But anyways, he told my father in simple terms that he didn't think I was going to get into graduate school. Now not only am I freaking out by both my Mother and Father are as well.

But this is my dream.

My life.
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1 Response Jan 31, 2012

I'm an Art Major too and i, like you, enjoyed every minute of my time in school. it was well worth it. You should get a teaching degree in Art. Go ahead, chase your dream. I too teach Art in school and i didnt regret it at all.