I have just discovered a wonderful artist! 

Her name is Amanda Clark and she does the most beautiful illustrations of folklore, myth and fairytales.

I found her quite by accident! I was surfing the net "as you do" looking for a hardback version of one of my many favourite books - "The Wood Wife" by Teri Wilding. I have had this book for years and keep re-reading and was looking for a hardback version online.

These illustrations just popped up along the way! This artist hasn't illustrated for this book but the artwork itself is just eerily perfect for the characters and storyline!

I think her paintings are just so magical and enchanting!!!  Added a few so you can see how lovely they are!

I Can't afford any original paintings but will have to order some prints!

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4 Responses Jul 23, 2012

The first three look like they could be straight from Watership Down!!

Yep. Fiver and Hazel are careering through the woods chased by the Big Bad Owsla!

Thanks for your lovely comments. *i have now brought prints!* :)

Very nice! I like it :)

Grins. Thanks Surreal! :)

Arn't they gorgeous! Yes. Tranquil and calm. Think she has had her illustrations published in couple of books as well! Pleased you like them too! :D