I'm Lucky

I've found a match to my life. I my fiance I've found someone who's supported my rediscovery of myself into a full time artist. I'm a found object metals artist and she's a goldsmith, we've made our entire life around art... We do shows on the weekends together, normally after the shows we spend a night at a random hotel and explore the galleries on the way home, on our mini vacations (whenever we can fit them in) we visit the cities and take in all the museums. I grew up dreaming of being a painter but being a country boy I graduated.. got married... and worked 2 jobs just like I was expected to do... I can't say how it feels to now have dropped that life and to have seen great pieces with my own eyes. Yes we may struggle at times but it's worth it when you love art and you decide to live it.
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Congratulations Art is really your thing! I just visit the Art museum today maybe one day I see something of yours there!

not likely, I don't play well with others so the whole sucking up to meet the right people just isn't my thing, but it's a nice thought :-) the publics response to my work and the solo shows is enough for mr for now

Let me tell you something! If you don't want me to be kind to you and express hoe (I) feel when I read what your stories say? I will keep my opioin to myself. As far as I am concern.....You can't do nothing for me but read my stories, make comments on them,or rate them. That's it! I have NOTHING to gain by trying to suck up on you! You have the wrong one here. You either not use to compliments or it was your thoughts! So you make sure we don't have this conversation again. I will to by not saying anything else to you! And before you calm you were joking. Why would you joke you don't know me and why would I suck up to you for. I just thought I could relate to your passion for Art just because I stumbled across you on the same day I visit the Art Museum so good luck and bye!

I think you took what I said completely wrong I wasn't talking about you or your opinion I was talking about what it takes to get into those places. I love getting responses on my work and my writings... thank you BTW... I just don't see myself as a museum artist

You can do anything that your heart desire. You already have the gift. Not a lot of people take pride in Art whenever you see a great passion in a person to do something it is a gift. They have the ability to active it and I see that you do have this gift to make Art and I believe you can do it!

Hello! we straight thank you!

Always somebody butting in the less people in a situation the better. others can work out their own differences but it's always somebody butting in

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