Dreamer And Doer

There was a little blonde girl who was very shy and mischievous. She has a sneaky smile and daydreamed about ideas and inventions. She had a silly style of clothing, nothing she wanted to wear matched. She made up overexurated stories and told them to people just to see if they would believe her.
When it was time for her to go to kindergartens she was excited! She knew what she thought of every person in her class, and made friends with only one person. He was a nice pudgy ginger boy with fair skin and freckles. The kids in er class made fun of her for the way she colored. They told her she was pressing too hard with the crayons and to color in only one directions. She hated there advice so much that she kept coloring her own way just to make them as mad as she was. She has always wanted to do things her own way.

This little girl is me.

I grew up constantly drawing and painting. Always striving for new ideas to produce something I would be completely happy with. I live to make art and every element of the creation process.
I have thousands of days of practice and allot of self disciplin.

I try my very best with every task I do to try to make my current project better than my last.

The things I love most about art is the freedom and control I have. I can make something and I know that no one can tell me I did it wrong.

Line, shape, color, texture, shape, value.
These ate the elements of design I use.

There is a difference between good art and bad art.
Good art doesn't have to be aesthetically pleasing.
It must be well done with purpose behind it.

There are 3 types of art.

objective, abstract, and non objective.

Out of the 3 I am most passionate about abstract art. There is more freedom. Abstract art can be anything between almost real life and almost non objective.

I love high contrast color combinations that are filtered, refined, because it creates great depth and life to a painting. Color is not only used to fill a space, it is used for emotion and mood of what the message is.
So much can be said just by using a color.

I know allot about making art. I do not know allot about other artists that are famous.

I love art history and biographies of famous artists. But I am so selfish. I don't want to know about them, I want to know about me lol.

So I keep traveling into depth of self exploration by creating peices that symbolize my self.

Sometimes I don't know what they mean until months later and than I get to know myself more when I figure them out.

Humans are deep complex beings.

But there is one fundamental truth to our nature.
Man must explore.

Klippings Klippings
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012