I Was Born An Artist.

They are among the oldest things I know; Colors and nightmares and materials. It turned into coloring, day dreaming, and creating things all through my childhood, using my imagination to escape from abuse and neglect. But now I am older and it is a much more serious thing. Art. It is my rescuer. It brings me and my family what we need for survival like food and clothing.
But it is also a curse, because I would not be so talented if it wasn't for all that I've had to suffer, and still do, only now that I am older I am reserved to my ultimate fate and accept it. Its okay because I have been promised a place in history alongside the greatest artists in the world, ever. And these gifts are precious to me, and I must never let them go to waste, for they help me and countless other people deal with a hard life.
ijustneedtoletitout ijustneedtoletitout
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012