Art Is My Passion

I've always been a creative kid, ever since i could remember. I was always writing on my mom's walls with crayons or painting or even cutting things and making my own creations. I loved art so much that my dad would often buy me paint and coloring books or drawing books. Back then, it was just something I enjoyed doing though. Now, art is my therapy. Honestly, nothing can really make me feel better like art does. Just spending a certain amount of time doodling or sketching helps me relax. It takes my mind off the bad and it helps me feel happy. Sadly, I can't go to art school because here in this country, a career won't really take you far. Reason why I had to opt for my second talent, languages. Still, i take art classes and enjoy painting and drawing when I can. Not as often as I would like, but I still do it. Never will stop doing it till I'm a wrinkly old lady that can't move anymore.
yanfeb15 yanfeb15
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012