Science Is Not Stopping Me

I'm in the science field, but I'd say I'm a right-brained person. I just love arts. Whenever I see paintings, drawings, murals, street art, I can't seem to stop myself and take mental pictures and sigh, and go "oooh, aaah!" I just love how expressive an artwork can be.
I have a couple of relatives who are very artsy. I've got a sculptor uncle, a painter aunt, photographer cousin, and multimedia brother. They all have influenced me somehow on my interest in arts.
I love how you can express feelings and emotions through basic shapes, lines, colors, etc. You can see the passion of an individual in their artwork.
I have seen those who sketch really fast, and those who would do sketches in the streets for a cheap rate. Who could forget those who paint oil or pastel. It is just plain fascinating.
I also love recycled art. I've been to a few museums that showcase recycled art, and it just amazes me how trash can be turned into beauty.
Art and Science sure is related. When I see anatomy, I see art. When I work with patients, I share and use art.
If the world was without colors, lines, shapes, it would be so boring and without dimension and purpose. Thank you ARTS.
lonelydinosaur lonelydinosaur
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Very true, there is an intricate connection between art and science. How observant of you to see that.