My Way Of Art

I always loved drawing ever since I was small.As I often did the drawing before doing the written work in class...I did get in trouble for that lol.

Well anyway I'm not writing this to make you bored with my past art stories.

I just find that for some reason the only time when I do a good artwork. Is when I'm drawing from a emotion that I'm feeling...or issues I have in life. You could say most of my artworks are emotional paintings.
I mean sure there's nothing wrong with that...but the part I'm annoyed about is that I can't draw WHEN I want to...I have to like wait for a idea/emotiona to pop into my mind.

For example: say I decide to draw a blood mage. I can't figure what pose/clothing etc I should draw the blood mage in.
And if I do manage to draw one. It does not have the WOW effect I usually get with my emotional paintings.

My non-emotional paintings are very boring and not good.
I's as if I only can draw good paintings if it's to do with emotion.

Also...I tend to draw better if I have 0 motivation... So I'm not thinking:

"Right, I'm going to make this a good artwork."

It's more like:

"Meh, I'll just sketch something random"

And then it turns into a good artwork...when it wasn't my intention.

So I've began wondering if my "skill" in art is just luck or a fluke...since I can't CHOOSE when I want to draw good artwork.

I've seen people constantly draw good artwork...and wonder how can I draw good artwork (within my drawing skills) constantly...

And I don't often have inspiration from I find it hard to practice drawing....when I'm dissapointed in my efforts. I wish I could draw something every week but....I just can't seem to do well unless I have a emotional idea....which doesn't occur a lot....

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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

There's a difference between visually pleasing art (what you see others pumping out easily), and art that leaves a great impact due to the meaning behind it. The art that you will see in museums and in art galleries will almost always have a story behind it. Anyone can draw something that looks "cool," but it's the stuff that actually means something that makes someone a true artist. I just finished my first year working on my Bachelor in Fine Arts, and it really made me look at the difference between the two. I'm not the type that can just push out all these amazing looking images that have no meaning whatsoever. I have to have some story behind it. I have to have emotions that are put into my art.

A good way to get these feelings flowing, at least for me, is to listen to music. You can also try to replicate the style of a piece that you really like, and see where that takes you.

Interesting story, since I also seem to get the same way with my drawings and paintings... I consider myself an artist. But, I feel the best about my work when that "emotion" as you say, strikes. It is the inspiration that helps mend a wonderful piece together. But, what's funny is that sometimes what may be very inspiring and emotional for you, may be pointless and be nothing but non-sense to someone else who doesn't understand...

Any who, the best advice I can give you is to push yourself to work on something that matters. Like, a piece for a friend, a competition, a personal piece... just don't procrastinate, or doubt yourself. Sometimes as an artist I have to tell myself, don't think... just feel it. Just do it. That is what works for me. I hope that works for you too.