My Artistic Building

I believe art is like a building and you have to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.. You don't realize when your a little kid the passion you have to have to love art... Little kids can have more artistic passion then a famous person with so much experience.. If a little kids draws a tree and they believe in that tree and love that tree then it can be worth more then someone who have been sculpting for years and can make masterpiece after masterpiece.. because if you don't believe in your work then it won't be noticed......

I myself am an artist.. I push the line as much as i can in my high school class i do references to drugs and alcohol in some of my art works and i put cigarettes in them and i'm not aloud to but I know that... if i didn't put those things in them then it wouldn't be up to my expectation anymore.. And my art work wouldn't be what i exactly wanted so the passion i have would be less then it should..

So never let someone tell you that your good or bad at drawing or something.. If you believe in it then that's art..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013