Baby Steps

While shopping one day with my son, we happened upon an arts and crafts store. He was only two years old at the time and I guess all the colors of the paint pots fascinated him. As we walked slowly down the aisle I would point to a color and tell him the name of it, "Blue, sweet baby. That's blue." He would reach for different ones and say,"Can I have? Mama, pweeze?" How could I resist. I bought about 6 colors, a canvas and a few brushes. He clutched a fan brush all the way home in his little fist.

As soon as we are home my son is dragging the bag of paint supplies into our den. "Wait, please." I call after him. "Ok, I wait, Mama." And he does. I walk in after him and he is in the middle of the room looking at the empty canvas, squatting down, elbows on knees and chin resting on his cupped hands. "Now?" he said?

I drop old newspapers on the floor and set him up to paint. He is beaming up at me and slightly hopping he is so excited. "What good did I ever do to deserve someone like him?" I think to myself. And so he paints......... Swirls, broad strokes, little thin strokes. He is partial to burgandy like I am. Green, blue, gold, black and burgandy. Lots of burgandy! "I'll be right back, I am gonna go start lunch." He don't know if he even heard me. He doesn't look up, he just kinda tilts his little blond head a bit and looks very intense.

I guess he did hear me because when I turn around there he brush in hand telling me he wants peaches. I can tell every little step he has taken because there are little feet prints behind him. I pick him up and carry him back to the painting. It is finished! Beautiful, and shining in the sunlight. In the center are two little feet. He had stepped on the wet paint on the canvas before coming to me. We eat and prop the painting up to dry.
It is still hanging in my room years later. I had to replace the carpet but I kept the little footprints on that too. You can keep the Cezanne, Chagall, Dali. (Well,maybe not the Dali) Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Renior are all good too. But, I have found that none of their works can surpass the talent of one particular two year old's hands and two little feet.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Beautiful...I have kept and framed my kids artwork. Always makes me smile.

Kids change your life, don't they. The story made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

When I get home and hear "Daddy!" and they run to hug my legs, I can't even pretend to be a "tough guy" anymore.