I Love Art.

All kinds of art. Poetry, paintings, drawings, stories, photography, and even the art behind architecture. I love sitting around with my best friend and critiquing art from an art book or going to a museum and no matter how big or small spending HOURS there just staring at one piece of art that really spoke to me. I once was at an art museum with my grandmother who apparently didn't want to be there and when she said that the sculpture-like thing I was looking at wasn't art I flipped out and repeatedly asked her why it wasn't art when all around the world people can consider Pollock art [[the guy who's most famous painting is splattered paint on a canvas No offense to him he happens to be one of my favorites]]. idk Kind of a pointless story but I truly belive that anything can be art if looked at in the right perspective.
Henna Henna
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2007