I've always enjoyed most art, especially the art work of Monet. The water and boat painting are neat. I  have a Monet painting as my desktop background of a coastline with a couple of fishermen pulling their boat ashore. I also like some of the Van Gogh paintings. i have prints of Irises and Night of Stars hanging in my bedroom

Caliper Caliper
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Amen. I never tire of their works

The Poppy Field (les Coquelicots) is my favorite. I always have a print of it. The Gardin at Giverney, the Waterlilies, the catherdale at Rheims series is another favorite. I like Van Gogh also. Love the Irises. The Wheatfields (?) The one of the cafe and street at night. Really like some of Cezanne. They were all so gifted the way they perceived color and painted it.