​I have a question only for those who are knowledgeable on art history, specifically Greek Mythology and renaissance art.
In the 1856 oil painting, Apollo and the Nine Muses, which of the muses are which? In other words, are all of the muses in the painting individually identified?

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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I just tried to look it up and altho I found many refs. to the painting I found none to the ID of each muse. I wonder if the one crawling in the dirt is Tragedy, or Comedy, I don't know what else she could be. I'm not sure there are none are there? I guess there must be. Good luck finding the info on each muse in the painting!

Oh my! You made me do all that work and you're not even interested? LOL! It's fine, I mean, I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't interested myself. There are many many other depictions of the nine muses that show each muse very clearly... usually they have some kind of object in their hands that symbolizes their field, like a harp, quill, bow and arrow, whatever. So if you return to that topic you could definitely find a clearer version.