OMG!!!!!! I started advanced art today!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy! I love art. I love drawing. I feel soooooooooo happy!!!! Here's my most recent. :)
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This is actually really good. Keep it up!

Thank you. :)

Make your own brand.... you have a distinct style, just keep it up and refine any more talents....

Thank you. :)

I will. I love advice.

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love the tones you shade beautifully

I love art too, though I'm in AP photography and it's a bit awkward since I'm an artist with photographers.

I think the broken edges of the heart could be sharpened, as well as the outer edges of the heart. Try using a 3B pencil on the outside, then using a H pencil or 2H to shadow in the center. It's an alright picture, but could definitely use more detail with the veins. You'll need abit better to keep up with the advanced kids, I'd imagine.

Thank you for the advice. I'm one of the best in my class. The heart isn't jagged because it has already been passed and the heart represents mending and healing. Thank you for the tips with the pencils I was out and didn't have them on me when I felt the urge to draw. I don't think I'll have trouble keeping up with my class though. When my teacher excepted me in she said I was one of the best. Thank you though.

Let me know when you perfect your skill. :)

That's effin AMA ing

Amazing even lol

Thank you. :)

Hmm, good use of shadowing and details. Not bad at all, not bad at all.

how do you get yourself to do something so amazing =o

Awwww thank you. It's practice, patience, and inspiration. :)

thanks, I seriously need that if I want to get into this field. But your picture is beautiful. Somehow it reminds me that the heart can be mended and all the individual patches shows how much love it felt =)

Thank you. I really tried hard to capture meaning and feeling. Sometimes it is difficult but in the end I'm always glad I kept drawing the picture. :)

i was a little upset today. but i think this conversation helped. you know how it is, artist inferiority. But i'm glad to hear what you thought =)

Yes I understand. Thank you. :)

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