Finished this piece a while ago, and it was incredibly tedious. The end was worth it though :)
Media: BIC Ballpoint pen
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19 Responses Aug 22, 2014

wow ! Incredible what one can draw with a simple PEN!

This is amaaaazingggg

Exceptional. No doubt.

luv this the perspective is mazing

Wow! Very impressive!

you are incredibly talented! Post more please!

I'm not into art, but this is SOMETHING. Keep it up

You're awesome.:)

And you're a teenager around my age...even more awesome. You've inspired me to share my artwork on here!

Simply breathtaking! You have a remarkable gift! :)

awesome- my child draws too! well hes now an adult.

Awesome work, and with a very limited medium. Very impressive indeed! Are you planning to go to art school?

Very nice. Thank you

Wow, beautiful work!

Bloody hell that's an amazing landscape rendering, I sort of envy you most of my stuff ends up looking like something Van gogh would make :)

The power of bic ballpoint pens!

Not anybody!! lol

True but it requires you to be able to slow down when drawing which I can't do.
you should turn some of your landscapes into cards or something in my opinion, they are really good.

I am a graphic design student being trained in an ancient art, I highly suggest you turn your illustrations into cards maybe 3d cards oh that would be so cool :)

Amazing!! Keep doing what you're doing and continue to hone your craft! And as suggested try to get your work in a gallery, so those of us who appreciate art work are able to do so in that setting as well! Did I say Amazing?!

You're welcome! I just can't believe you did all that with a are one of a kind! I wish you all the best in your artistic endeavors.

when will you show your work to a gallery ? you are very good . do you have a body of work .

you should , groups of ten seems to work .
i landed my first gallery with a book of ten paintings .
it allows a gallery to get a grasp on what you are doing ,
and the diversity of your capability .

Wow! Beautiful~ love it!

It's lovely!

it is Fantastic :)

You did all that with a ballpoint pen?!
I am VERY impressed :)