Reasons to Love Art

I love art. I love it for a lot of reasons.

1) I need to express myself.

2) I can't do much else.

3) I'm pretty decent at it, give me some paper and a pencil, a napkin and a crayon, some paint and a wall, you name it and I'll make it.

4) How can you not love art? It's self expression. It's creation. It's someone's soul stretched across a canvas or spray painted onto a wall. It's a way for me to explain without words (for the most part).

Every day I hear people say how they "suck" at art. One cannot suck at art. One just has a different style than others.

Megsly Megsly
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I don't mind that my art is almost all about technical skill. I still find it very therapeutic, and my artwork makes people smile.. in fact they're always beaming with joy when they first see it. ^.^ I love that, and I love spending time making something to the best of my ability, and looking forward to when I amaze the customer. hehe =) Not that I've had any for a while, lol. >.> Mostly I make art for practice so I'll get better, and I give some to friends, as cards or whatever. So it may not be "high" art but it certainly does bring happiness to a part of the world every single day after it's made. =) <br />
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Until this year I myself thought art was all about the technical, but the technical is less than maybe 25% of the artwork. If the idea is good, the art piece will be good. I like hanging out with art students, but yes, school definitely bleeds creativity out. <br />
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I feel like this might not make sense.