Young people thrive on encouragement. I'm so privileged to teach art. My sixth year art class finished school last week and it's such an honour to have known them. They are full of life and energy and hope. They constantly make me laugh.

When I walked into my classroom on their last day they had drawn a wonderful portrait of me and left me cards and flowers!

One student in particular who has dyslexia and has experienced a lot of failure, told me that she would have dropped out of school if it wasn't for art. She told me that my classes had made such a difference in her life. That's a big thing for a teacher to hear, and we rarely get any positive feedback like that so it means a lot.

So many of them were so grateful and I'm going to miss them all. That student with dyslexia has secured a place in art college as her portfolio was so good. She worked many evenings after school with me to get there.

It's amazing how far a few words of encouragement can go.
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1 Response May 23, 2015

Bravo!nothing gives more pleasure than true feelings coming from sincere n loving children. I wish that girl excels in watever field she chooses for herself