I Didn't Know The Paint Ball Gun Was Loaded

I Love Art, at least I do now.  I was never very artistic, oh I could take cotton balls and pop cycle sticks and make a sheep. I love viewing art, going to openings or exhibits, I have a passion for collecting art.  I had to have a spinal cord surgery, it left me unable to walk and I lost the use of my hands.  After months and many months of therapy I started printing the alphabet and not very well, using my left hand, I am right handed but my right hand did nothing; my left hand was lovin the pencil but instead of printing letters it was loving siloettes and nudes.  My left hand is brilliant, working with charcoals, pastells and oils.  On the big canvas using paintball guns, sponges and rollers. For some blessed reason my left hand has become a bonified artist able to command money for what it creates.

mollydd mollydd
1 Response Dec 3, 2009

Thats truely awesome. I just recently became interested in art and I'm searching high and low for any type of artwork wherever it may be sold. I'm kinda into pastoral oil paintings and collages right now.