Need I Say More?

This group name seems....self explanatory.  :)   However, I will give you my two cents, those of you who wish to hear it:  I love art.

I love all kinds of art.  I love art that is made with two hands...or feet, or mouth or whatever else you might use!  I love art that is messy, leading a trail to one beautiful finished product.  I love art that is made by one person or many, working together to create something amazing.  I love art that can be worn as a fabulous accessory.  I love art that moves and dances to music.  I love art that stands still, solid, towering, like stone, watching year after year roll by.  I love art that is so small it rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.  I love art that decorates the skin, both permanently and temporarily.  I love art made by those who walked the earth long before we were born, and I rejoice in the thought of art yet to be made by those who will come after us.  I love art that brings opposites together with common interests and appreciations.  I love art that makes you pause and really think about what the maker was doing.  I love art that is made of something that once was and now is given new life and new meaning. I love art that can be eaten, leaving a warm feeling in my stomach and my heart.  I love art that I can share with others, that brings us closer together, in the great circle of human life. I love art.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Oh this is beautiful, truly truly delightful and inspiring to read... how passionate you are about life, and all the treasures, big or small that it can offer, how amazing that you find joy in every detail, and appreciate all the different ex<x>pressions. This made me very very happy!


Ha ha it seems me and you are on the same page lol.