A Simple Splash Becomes A Complicated Spiritual Picture

I do some painting and was in college and wanted to enter a painting. I was into spontaneous just happening art- so I got out an old record player, pulled out a canvas, made some squirt bottles with color. put the canvas on record player, started it spinning and danced around it with the squirt bottles. I had painted a backwash of kind of starry sky - night time. Primarily squirted with black and just is very delicate squirts.

Stopped record player.

Looked at what I had done and thought, well that looks like an old gnarled tree. I got a twig off the ground and messed with the paint making it more like a tree. The green at the bottom made me think of a cemetery and so I used a smaller twig to tweak with it to look like grass and a rolling hill. more splashes of gray to make tombstone and crypt type things and there was this eerie black swirly in the middle with what looked like arms, gaping yes, a very unquiet spirit. I left it just the way it was.

I entered it in the art festival and won first prize. There was a small little ceremony thing where they gave out the awards and they put me in front of microphone and asked now Raven- I notice a lot of (and then he began to analyze it in heavy duty advance art stuff which was way off my head. Notice how he did this and this- and this yellow splash here- the glimpse of a rising sun on dreary cemetery. What we you thinking when you painted this?

Mustard, I said. People laughed.

I smiled at the man. I just did it. I didn't think. It just happened.

Just like life.









RavenDeLavine RavenDeLavine
61-65, M
Feb 18, 2010