In Not Getting A Single Break In Achieving My Dream, I Discovered The Secret To Success.

I know all to well the frustration, depression and complete sense of helplessness when it comes to achieving a long-life dream. You give everything you have got, sometimes thousands of hours of devotion to just end up where you started, no where closer to achieving what you hoped your entire life to achieve.

I myself grew up in poverty and always admired the beautiful clothes I would see other little girls wear, you know the ones with pink thrills that go all the way down to the knees, have thrills around the sleeves and bows. My eyes would be so mesmerized whenever I saw such a beautiful dress and I could not stop thinking of how special I would feel if only I could wear a dress like that. I decided right then and there I would one day be a great fashion designer, not only would I then be able to wear beautiful dresses, but I would also have the opportunity to design even prettier ones. I remember I was only 6 years old when I would draw pictures of pretty dresses, imagine myself in them and dance around in my room imagining I was Cinderella and everyone was admiring my beautiful dress.

I would go to college and obtain a degree in business by working five nights a week cleaning office buildings, as I knew to succeed in fashion I needed to learn about the fashion business. After graduating in business, I knew I needed a product, as you need to show what you can offer in the real form. I would work numerous jobs, save the money I made, purchase supplies and make my designs by night. After two whole years of working practically every night I had completed 6 outfits, I am not the best sewer, but the sewing flaws are not noticeable from a distance. I applied to showcase my designs at San Francisco fashion week, I was accepted! The problem was I needed a minimum of 14 outfits. I only completed 6 outfits and not the 14 required to showcase at fashion week. Therefore, my dream of having my fashions displayed on the runway was not going to happen anytime soon. I was low on capital, time and skills. I then tried everything to get my fashions noticed, I contacted celebrity websites, asking if they would wear one of my designs, created a website, contacted and wrote to well over 100 editors of fashion magazines, including Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine, you name it I tried it. All this effort with no results, had me feeling no matter what I do, or how hard I try nothing is ever going to work in my favor. I was stuck in a rut; I tried everything and gave it my all, sacrificing everything I had just to end up with not a single break in sight. I asked why is it I cant get a break even though I try so hard? I realized it was due to three main reasons which limit us in fulfilling our life-long goals, aspirations and dreams.

1. The lack of capital/money it is well known in the fashion industry the cost of launching a fashion collection, on average approximately $750,000;

2. The lack of connections unfortunately I dont have Donald Trump as a father, the Ivy League education or know the people at the top that can get me in the door;

3. Lastly, I do not have all the skills required, I have skills in business and generating ideas, but have practically no skills in pattern making, and am very limited in my sewing abilities, therefore limiting the designs I can create. I cant tell you how many times I would unpick and re-stitch over and over again due to the wrong placement or the fabric not sitting right.

It was in my frustration of not having all the resources and abilities to achieve my dream. I realized so many just like me, face this same problem everyday! So I asked myself what can we do about it, how do we achieve when so much is against us? I started to research all the success stories of people who started with nothing and achieved great success from practically nothing. I found the secret to their success, each and every one of them used the power of connection.

Some examples are:
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple Wozniak was the engineer who built the first apple processor for $500. He later met Jobs who said, he believed he could sell it at a profit. Together they achieved each others dream. Wozniaks engineering skills combined with Jobs marketing skills.

The Dixie Chicks who played on the street corners of Dallas for small change. Later they would meet Natalie who joined the group. They would pool together $5000 to record their first demo tape. Sony music had seen them play in Austin and signed a long term deal, which resulted in the Dixie Chicks receiving 13 Grammys and selling over 30 million records.

Dolce and Gabbana (D&G)
Met while working at an atelier in Milan, they both shared a great passion for fashion, by combining their skills and talents they created one of the most world recognized labels.

There are countless other examples including: Proactiv, Google, Siegfried & Roy and Microsoft.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve our dreams! It really comes down to our ability to connect with other like-minded individuals who share the same dream, and by bringing together different sets of skills one can achieve their dreams with a greater level of certainty.

It was with this knowledge I created Clue Hut, so every one has the opportunity to make their dreams a reality! is completely FREE! You become a member by creating a profile that tells the world what you hope to accomplish and with whom you are seeking to connect. You can upload pictures, video and files. You can search other members profiles and send invites to members you are interested in knowing more about and receive invites from members who are interested in knowing more about you.

The possibilities are endless, whether you are trying to partner up with someone to increase your business, or you want to start a band and need singer, or want to start a restaurant but need someone who knows how to run one. You can do it all with Clue Hut.

May all your dreams come true,

Genyfer Spark

Founder of Clue Hut


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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thank you so much Val70. <br />
I am located in the Bay Area and everyday it is just so apparent to me how so many are doing the best they can working low paying jobs, and yet have so much to offer and contribute. <br />
I just got home from the gas station, at the gas station the cashier was new as he was still trying to work out the credit card machine. While waiting and smiling I could help notice he was wearing a wedding band, the wedding band was a ring you use to put your keys on. My heart sunk as here was a young man working late nights just to pay his living expenses and most likely be supporting a family, that many during these times are stretched to even buy the basics. I admired how he respects his marriage so much that he would wear a key ring holder band to show his love and committment. even though he can't afford a regular wedding band. It's experiences of meeting people everyday like this I often say a prayer for them that somehow, some way they will discover their greatest and have opportunities to not only enhance their own situation but all those they are connected with. I really hope his and others like him will be blessed with great opportunities to achieve their greatest potential sooner than later.

Grand posting, well done; great commercial that wasn't at all boring for me for once. Well worth the read on a dreadfull morning here :-)