I Love Art!

I love art. My half brother, half sister and my friend are talented at it. I wish I was. the only thing I can Draw is my signiture rose.My favorite artist is Salvador Dali. My favoite art peice is The Meditative Rose.

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13-15, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Its a really pretty rose if your picture is it I don't know. But being able to draw is not just a talent. anyone can draw if you figure out the way you draw best. try some how to draw websites or books they can help you get started. Oh lots of artists think they can't draw well (at least the good ones anyway >_> ) If your friends say you can draw good (not just roses) then you can at least draw better then them :P. Or if you don't like drawing there are lots of other mediums you can try. Just don't give up.