I Love Chinese Food So Much

Yummy .... that the first word I always said if I meet with chinese food. Although I am Indonesian people but the chinese food is very familiar here, because there are so many places and restaurant sale them. I am very like capcay, fried rice, fuyung hay, and etc. It is very delicious and make me ask this more and more. When I was pregnant everyday I always looking for this kind of chinese food. My kids and my husband also like this food, and finally I try to make it by my self and my family very happy about that. You know maybe sometimes I will try to have chinese food bussines, how do you think ?
azmya azmya
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I am the expert to cook Chinese food. I am Chinese descendant.

really? I hope we can share about the recipe the kind of chinese food ...

No problem