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I've always been more attracted to Asian women the most.  Also I like Asian Food as my favorite. While in Sacramento, California from 1990's - into 2006, the "Teriyaki Chicken Bowl" fast food joint in my neighborhood, was my most favorite place to get me all, or most of my meals.  Basically going to "Teriyaki Chicken Bowl" I would get the "Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Meal"  (Having Rice, Broiled cut up pieces of teriyaki chicken, sliced carrots, broccoli and cabbage.)  And would admire any Asian Women I would run into.

I did have a time in my life at having correspondence with Filipino's in the Philippines through the years of 1996 - 2001.  But found out at the time, that I like Taiwan's, Chinese, Japanese and Korean's better.  I found out Filipino's where not so idea after having a big adventure and long story on this.

After that I saw one Chinese Lady working at "Teriyaki Chicken Bowl" ( 2003 - 2005) and she was 100% idea for me. But I noticed she was probably already taken. Already married, emmergated from China, had a baby.  But I couldn't get the facts realized.  I wanted to know if she was really single.  So after a couple of years of friendly amorous enamors for a time at seeing her at the place, my means to get more bold with her. Scared her off.

I've seen many Asians that I liked the most, that I had (Wished for...) ... to come into my life.  It hasn't been that fortunante with me lately.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Feb 9, 2010