Out Of Curiosity

I am a asian man.

I add this group because for what I have learned is that most of foreign girl does not like asian boys.

But  here is different.

smoothelvis smoothelvis
18-21, M
4 Responses Jan 9, 2010

Hell ya it is different.
love love love you :D

A lot of American woman love Asian guys like myself!

i'm american and I ******' love asian men...i date them(as well as all other ethnicities).from my experience they are self confident, have self respect, and have great manners...i think that they are some of the most sexiest men on God's green Earth! by the way i am mixed (black white native american)

do not belive those who said you that foreign girls dont like asian men.<br />
I found them pretty handsome. really.

I have a huge thing for asians hehe...