Why (east) Asian Women Are The Best Lovers

First, I am not making any stereotypes here...just a personal observation.

I have had enough relationships with women from other countries to come to this conclusion: asian women are by far the most wonderful lovers.

After thinking about it, I think it is because they do not inhibit themselves when enjoying sex, and are so feminine.

While I have not been with Korean or Japanese (I would love to though), the Chinese women I have been with (4) have all had one thing in common...they are totally consumed in love making. They are in the sexual moment. It seems as if they loose all consciousness of anything but their body connecting with another man (could be woman too of course), and that is what controls them. And it is this feeling that they have lost control of their desire (as well as their beautiful manners), that makes them so distinctly feminine.

It is this sense of femininity of the asian woman - both in how well mannered, and how lost in love making - that makes them simply incredible.

And in particular, it is Asian women who are a bit older (30 - 50). I never want to be with any other women.

Note: I have seen Asian women even in their 50's that are lovely and am attracted to...

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Sounds like you have it all! Respect.

I am a black man,but before I was a black boy......and I was bewildered that everytime I was in the presence of an Asian girl or woman,I simply lost it,I'd stammer,babble and generally be a kind of smiling zombie.
Years later I realized that it was not simply an attraction,but I was literally 'Spellbound'.
Then only a few years ago I had my first she approached me with a soft warm smile,I felt her hair slipping through my fingers,her eyes were so wet,her delicate fingers touched my arm as we I kissed an Asian girl for the very first time......and it was like my very first kiss ever!
And as for sex,as for the erotic paradise to which they take me everytime.....I KNOW that I WILL end my life in the arms of an Asian woman,I will do anything to please her and follow her into the heavens of pleasure!

I love blue-eyed blonde women
I love dark skinned sultry eyed girls
I love redheads and brunettes
I love intelligent women
I love older women

...........but Asian women ARE EVERYTHING I have ever dreamt of.....their mental speed,clear thinking,slow movements,wet,wet,wet *******.........and the way she offers me food is the same way she'll offer her body,with a delicate touch,because she knows that my hunger for her will NEVER die!

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Agreed 110%.<br />
Orientals are in my opinion from life experience and observation more honest and sincere about life...and certianly more polite and yes eye candy I cannot resist !<br />
Even the Orientals of American birth are steps above and apart from their peers.<br />
A few years ago I worked in The HUSTLER CLUB San earnings depended alot on how well the girls working in the club treated/tipped me...<br />
Ya those tips you give out to the girls in ***** clubs they often spread it around to everyone working there bar tenders bouncers waitresses managers oh and those pesky dj's...<br />
I really saw how it was the girls/women of Oriental descent that were more generous and believed in the more they give the more will be given.<br />
One young women 100% Khmer blood 100% American East Bay Girl born raised and living would give all her money made in a shift keeping just enough to buy a roundtrip B.A.R.T. ticket so she could come to work the next day.<br />
Her attittude is " I'll hit there will be someone come down those stairs that will want me to entertain them and he will spend money on me, no worries. "<br />
As for the sex there is no better than that with an Oriental including my shy Lao wife.

Right on brothers.

When I first saw Nancy Kwan in The World of Suzie Wong, I was hooked on Asian women. Then, God Bless the United States Air Force, they took me to places where I got to meet (or should that be 'meat') a multitude of Asian women. I just love their diminutive ways, their voices, their beautiful hair, the way they love to please you, etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on and on. I made up a saying many years ago: "If it ain't Asian, then it ain't raisen!"

Asian women never grow old-their skin remains beautiful and smooth, their figures remain sexy. their hair is always silky, and their manners, class, and intelligence last forever!!

You are so right! Wonderful.

Yes I concur that my Japanese fiancee is a most excelent lover !

Having lived in Japan for 14 years and traveled all over asia, I would say yes and no. You can find great women anywhere, but asians are taught to focus on what they are doing.<br />
<br />
I once met a horrible waiter in NYC who told me he wasn't Really a waiter but an actor and I told him he was a terrible actor because he could not act like a waiter.<br />
<br />
I met an engineer with a PhD whose company had gone bankrupt (shortly after the bubble burst so lots of unemployment in Japan) he was working in a restaurant and thought he was a waiter! When you asked for something he went got it and brought it back. Not like here in America where you often ask for something and the waiter brings it back shortly you great grandchild has reached retirement.<br />
<br />
Japanese women are wonderful lovers. I have only had 20 or so Koreans so I cannot speak much about them. But the rest rather good across the board.

I think your comment of "asians being taught to focus on what they are doing", is very correct.

How I would love to stay in Japan to experience the beauty :-) must be wonderful. Anything in particular about Japanese women that you would point out?

You are one lucky man

agree completely