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I've been handled roughly before but last night was the first time he told me I wasnt allowed to *** until he gave me permission. He made me beg for it... I was so close it took everything I had to hold it back. And then as soon as he said "ok c"m now *****" that was it.... I came so much it was amazing!! Anyone else love this as well?
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it was soooo weird for me the first time hun but now i can barely remember when i didnt ask. sometimes he says yes and i soooooooooooooooooooooooo do. sometimes he says not yet..........OMFG i feel like i m gonna blowup and when he finaly tells me to do it... I DO! letting go completely and screaming..........throwing myself around ...........yelling at the top ofmy lungs that i am ******* for him :D

Ive teased my gf, stop and start, stop , start again and then she finally explodes and squirts a gusher of love juice all over ! I love to have her squirt all over my hand, my face and especially my **** ! heavenly ! babe you seem to be quite the powder keg when u *** and *** and *** ! damn baby ! mmmmmmmm yummy

You have my deepest sympathy.How awful for you. Hope you have photograph evidence for the police! Get rid of him.
By the way, could you send me a copy of the photos as meself and the boys in "The Obama Arms" in Ballygobackwards would like to fu___________________________you.
Please add me!

Im Glad I Gave You A Laugh. Thanks for your response.

I never did that before
next time i wouldn't let her *** for a full hour

****** control is helping you to become better sub

i love ****** denial

hot story how long was the session for

I have heard of staying on the edge for along time, but not from the part of the woman holding it back herself. It must have been so liberating when he told you to *** and you was able to relieve all that pressure !

W O W !! that's great he had you so in control and you yourself too. I am sure that was one of th best ******* you had !

I'd LOVE to give you many of these very intense *******, do you think ******* your ***** would excite you as much too ?